Does Trader Joe’s Have Lobster?

The entire bag of them is the same lobsters that were in the original combination. Their brilliant red color originates from fruit and vegetable liquids, and their rich berry flavor is derived from natural tastes.

Langostino Tails from Trader Joe’s

After a brief hiatus, these Trader Joe’s langostino tails are back in the frozen seafood aisle for 2022. TJ’s langostino tails have recently been wild captured, although the label on these doesn’t seem to indicate that. However, these tiny langostinos are incredibly delicious; they essentially taste like rich lobster mixed with a hint of shrimp flavor. The greatest method, in my opinion, to indulge in a decadent seafood feast without experiencing the discomfort of full lobsters is to get Trader Joe’s langostino tails.

  • Each serving has 70 calories.
  • Weight in net: 12 oz
  • Each dish has no sugar.
  • Peeled and cooked
  • per pound, 80-100 counts.

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What to Purchase and Avoid at Trader Joe’s

After frequenting Trader Joe’s, I’ve found that some things have really great prices while others don’t. I believed that writing a post about what to buy and what not to buy at your neighborhood Trader Joe’s would be beneficial. Please mention the Trader Joe’s items you do and do not buy in the comment sections.

Before anything else, DID YOU KNOW THAT TRADER JOE’S IS NOW ACCEPTING MAKE COUPONS? Even though many of their products are under their own brand, you can still find some excellent discounts.



I almost always admit that I love cheese, however normally Trader Joe’s cheese satisfies my cravings. The pricing of cheese is quite reasonable; the majority of it is chopped into various sizes, so there is a wide range of prices. so that you can eat cheese that you ordinarily wouldn’t buy without burning a hole in your budget. In my opinion, the variety of cheese is also a bonus.

Beer and wine

Two-Buck Toss anyone. Charles Shaw wine bottles costing $1.99 each are well recognized from Trader Joe’s. Although I wouldn’t bring it as a gift to gatherings, having a few bottles around the house is ideal for cooking. My husband enjoys beer so much that he has even made his own. He did, however, find a beer brand called “Nametag” that costs only $2.99 for a six pack—not bad.

Avocado Oil:

Because I make supper almost every night, I dislike having to pay $6 or more for a bottle of olive oil because it can be rather pricey. I pay $5.49 for Trader Giotto’s Extra-Virgin Olive Oil, which is over $3 less than what I could pay at other retailers. These substantial savings add up over time. Saving a lot of money isn’t the result of making big, radical changes; it’s the result of the little things you do every day.

Freezer Section:

Oh how I adore their freezer section. Simply said, a lot and a half! Even though I avoid their desserts, I do buy things like their tamales, which are excellent for lunches. Orange Chicken is ideal for my lazy cooking days when I only have 15 minutes to prepare a supper.


These orchids are from my wedding and I got them from Trader Joe’s! Although their products are really fresh, I thought their prices were rather reasonable.



Yes, I am aware that the bananas are a terrific price at $.19 each. My primary issue with the fruit is that it is never REALLY fresh, and it is also not the best value.


Have you ever noticed that meat at Trader Joe’s never goes on sale? They certainly don’t sell it all, so I wonder where it goes. Although the meat appears fresh, the price is out of this world.

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Trader Joe’s sells lobster, is that true?

The advantages: One of two frozen lobster options offered for the holiday season is Trader Joe’s Lobster Tails, which are new to the freezer area. Cons: Lobster is expensive. Compared to the other lobster option in the frozen section, this is less expensive.

Is Trader Joe’s Aldis?

Let’s take a step back for those who are shocked to find that Trader Joe’s isn’t simply an Aldi subsidiary but that there are actually two Aldis. According to CNBC, Karl and Theo Albrecht’s family’s suburban German corner store was the beginning of Aldi. It was passed down to them after World War II. The brothers immediately turned their store into a chain as they tried to reduce waste in the post-World War II economic turmoil of Germany by only selling necessities at reasonable prices. By 1955, they had 100 locations, but in the 1960s, after having a disagreement about selling cigarettes, the brothers divided the company into two (Aldi Nord and Aldi Sud).

While the north (Nord) and south (Sud) of Germany are divided between the two brands, the rest of continental Europe is divided into separate territories. Aldi Nord operates in France, the Netherlands, Spain, Belgium, Denmark, Poland, Luxembourg, and Portugal, according to Brilliant Maps, whereas Aldi Sud provides services in Australia, the United Kingdom, Hungary, Switzerland, Austria, Ireland, and Slovenia. Three years before Aldi Nord acquired Trader Joe’s, Aldi Sud expanded into the United States, making the United States the only nation outside of Germany where both brands are active.

Even though Aldi Nord does handle Trader Joe’s in the United States, according to Query Sprout, the brands are managed independently by a distinct corporation from the Aldi we are familiar with here. This is true even though some of their products and target markets are similar.

Which lobster is the finest to purchase?

These lobsters, which all belong to the family Nephropidae, are also referred to as “true” or “clawed” lobsters because of their three distinct sets of claws. When eating out or shopping at a market, encountering these clawed creatures has become standard procedure. Cold water lobster is a specialty all over the world because many people prefer the claw meat to the tail meat.

Because of their delicious, briny richness, cold water lobsters are sought after more than any other species.

Homarus americanus, popularly known as the Maine lobster or New England lobster, is prized not only for its succulent claw meat but also for its tails. Many claim that Maine lobster is the best lobster available, and it is frequently seen in restaurants and grocery stores. Their tail meat is more fibrous and tougher than any claw meat available, and they have a delicious, saline richness. Prices will differ based on location, but an average price for store-bought food is roughly $50 per pound. Prices in restaurants will be significantly higher if you order Maine lobster. Since 2011, lobstermen in Maine have caught more than 100 million pounds of lobster annually!

The Canadian lobster is the same species as the Maine lobster (Homarus americanus), but because it lives in considerably colder water, it has a harder shell and less tasty and denser meat. You can acquire a soft or hard shell lobster along Canada’s east coast depending on the season. They are prized particularly for their claw flesh. Purchase Canadian lobster tails right here (affiliate link).

The deep blue carapace of French Blue Lobsters, also known as Breton, Bretagne, or Brittany Lobsters, is notorious for turning brick red when cooked. Despite its reputation as a Brittany region specialty, many are brought to the area from Scotland or Ireland. Because they live in shallow water, their meat is solid and has distinct notes of the ocean. Breton lobster devotees describe the flavor as being very prominent; this lobster is for seafood enthusiasts!

What is Trader Joe’s hiding?

It’s true that there is a hidden stuffed animal at Trader Joe’s! In practically every business, the staff members conceal a plush animal among the racks and shelves. It’s the ideal method for keeping toddlers occupied throughout a protracted shopping trip. Bring the stuffed animal to a worker if you (or your child) happen to locate it for a special prize. The shops typically have a tasty piece of sweets!

Although there are hundreds of Trader Joe’s locations across the nation, not all of them take part in this entertaining game. Next time you visit Trader Joe’s, inquire with a staff member if there is a stuffed animal hiding anywhere.

Note that each store has a unique stuffed animal. Some shops conceal bears, whales, or eagles in the hopes that a child customer will find it. View the most recent additions to Trader Joe’s.

What does lobster cost at Costco?

The lobster tails were priced at:

  • A pound of cold water lobster tails costs $29.99.
  • Warm water lobster tails cost $25.99 per pound.

The cold water form of tails costs more than the warm water variety, which is consistent with its greater quality. Having said that, I purchased these at different times and the price variation could be due to changes in the cost of goods.

Each lobster tail weighs about 4 ounces on average and comes in packages of five.

Even while almost $30 per pound seems pricey, these are a steal when compared to Costco’s King Crab Legs, which cost about $40 per pound!

Does Trader Joe’s sell longos?

The advantages include that Trader Joe’s Langostino Tails are frozen, already cooked, and ready to be added to a dish that would often call for shrimp or another type of seafood. Since they are already cooked, minimal preparation is also needed.

Cons: I believe that too many individuals pass things up because they are unsure on how to use them. It’s unfortunate because this is a quality product. If you really, truly like these, you should purchase them from Costco because it will be considerably less expensive.

Conclusion: Only Costco and Trader Joe’s sell langostino tails in my experience. Langostinos are actually referred to as Squat Lobster by non-experts. Yes, the name isn’t the most enticing. Thus, langostino is the Spanish word for small lobster. However, don’t believe that a shop can pass this off as lobster. The FTC decided that Langostinos cannot be sold as just lobster, despite the fact that Long John Silvers used to sell lobster bits. In order to avoid customer confusion between what many people connect with lobster, such as Maine lobster, they must put the words langostino or squat before the term lobster. As a result, although being dubbed squat lobster, it is neither a lobster nor a prawn.

You are in for a treat if you have never purchased a bag of them. This dish is what you get if you enjoy the flavor of lobster but the texture of shrimp. Although they are individually frozen, it is unfortunate that they do not come in a resealable bag. Otherwise, feel free to play about with these. They have been substituted for shrimp or used in a ceviche. You only need to handle this differently if you want it to taste like cooked shrimp. Simply modify the cooking timings if necessary, or have these cold in a seafood salad or Langostino Roll. I chose to turn it into a ceviche so I wouldn’t have to be concerned about eating anything uncooked.

These aren’t wildly costly at $12.99 for a twelve ounce package, but they’re also not the cheapest either. They have being marketed with the fish at Costco. Although the box is bigger, the price isn’t significantly higher. However, if the notion of visiting Costco makes you shudder, then it’s also not a bad deal. Don’t be concerned about what to do with it if you’ve been hesitant to attempt this. I frequently purchase these because I like them.

The visual breakdown of what you get when you purchase this product is as follows:

The Trader Joe’s bag of langostino tails

The ingredients and the nutritional data:

This is what it looks like after being made in a ceviche (and yes, the recipe is provided at the bottom of the page):

Would I repurchase this? Yes, I would repurchase the langostino tails from Trader Joe’s. Shrimp and lobster have a flavor and texture that I really like. Additionally, they are already cooked, so I can quickly put together dinner in hardly any time.

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