Can You Ship Smoked Salmon?

Most likely, the smoked salmon you order will arrive vacuum-sealed in a package. Prior to being vacuum sealed, the salmon will have been salted and cured, which preserves flavor and helps the meat keep until delivery. It’s simple to get smoked salmon online.

The vacuum-sealed package functions almost like a can in that the smoked salmon doesn’t require cooling while being transported. Usually, frozen smoked salmon is shipped in a Styrofoam cooler that has been filled with dry ice.

A minimum purchase amount is often required for clients to receive free shipping from online seafood vendors. Costs associated with transporting smoked salmon reflect the need to keep the fish fresh until delivery. Shipping costs can frequently be reduced by organizing a large order.

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Fish can be shipped securely, yes. Make sure it has been properly smoked, vacuum-packed, and cured (80% salinity at 60 degrees). It will be good if you ship with one or two-day service.

Caution: To guarantee that your items are correctly cured, measure the salinity of your brines with a salimeter if you are unsure of their salinity. Despite being widely used, many brine recipes fall short of the standards for cured fish.

You can alternatively freeze the fish before packing it with crumpled newspaper, ice packs, and a foam cooler in a cardboard box for shipping.


Frostbitten….. Is that from your line of work, good information? You can mail up to five pounds of dry ice using the USPS. Never listen to those who say you can’t. A postal employee tried to tell me no, and I got into a fight with them, but the Postmaster showed up and declared I was right. Simply write it down on the outside of the package you’ll be mailing. “5 pounds of dry ice inside,” or something similar. This informs the pilot that there is dry ice present in his aircraft. They could either refuse to let it board, in which case it might board the following flight instead. Mine has never, as far as I’m aware, been moved to a later flight. Visit Carrs or Fred Meyers to purchase it. Simply keep the ice away from the fish; it will burn it due to how cold it is. You will be good to go if you wrap it in a towel or something.

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Message on Shipping

The products you order from Solex Catsmo must arrive in the freshest possible condition, especially when it comes to perishables like smoked salmon, caviar, wild game, and shellfish. Because of this, even in ideal travel circumstances, we pack all of our perishables for the worst-case scenario. The ice packs guarantee that your perishables will arrive in perfect condition, the cooler inserts maintain frigid temperatures, and the boxes are sturdy to resist the jolts and thumps of the travel. No matter the quantity of the order, all of our perishable items are dispatched overnight express by UPS for a fixed fee of $35. Fill that box to the brim since free delivery is available on all orders of $175 or more!


I made sure everything was completely frozen solid, packaged it all up snugly in a box wrapped with styrofoam and plastic bags, then delivered it by FedEx overnight delivery. It arrived fast and was remained completely frozen solid from Washington to Wisconsin. If you’re concerned about it thawing, you may add some freezer packs with it!

Can you mail me some smoked salmon?

Take it out of the freezer, package it, and send it via Priority Mail; it should arrive in 2 to 3 days. Simply advise everyone to keep it in their freezers, and it will last forever.

How is salmon transported?

One of the greatest boxes you can use to keep your product fresh or frozen for more than 24 hours is the foam box. In foam cartons, fresh fish keeps well as long as refrigeration is present.

If sent by air, the foam box does need an outside corrugated box. The foam box is intended to be protected from breakage if dropped by the exterior corrugated box. Foam boxes are available at most retailers and in some lodges. The foam box can be recycled or used again.

How is smoked salmon packaged?

Salmon that has been smoked can be stored in the refrigerator for two to three weeks or for one week following opening. Additionally, it has a three-month freeze-term. To prevent drying out, it is preferable to store in the original packaging or to wrap it snugly in plastic wrap.

Can you mail me some salmon?

Wet ice (literally, frozen water), dry ice, or gel packs are some of the most popular varieties of chilling packing materials. There aren’t many restrictions for wet ice if your fish will be delivered by air. If you intend to use dry ice within the package, you should be aware of the rules.

When using USPS air services like Priority Mail Express, you are only permitted to include up to 5 pounds of dry ice. Additionally, UPS only permits 5.5 pounds of dry ice per shipment for air delivery. With FedEx, you can ship up to 200 kilograms (or 440 pounds) of dry ice per package, which is more liberal.

Don’t put dry ice in an airtight container, expert advice! Dry ice emits carbon dioxide, which will lead to a buildup of pressure until your package bursts. No one wants a burst package of fresh fish, trust us on that.

Fish that has been smoked can be mailed.

Food cannot be preserved by vacuum wrapping. Warm temperatures combined with vacuum-packaged fish (smoked or raw) can result in botulism. People can die from food poisoning called botulism. As a result, keep the fish cold for your own protection. Vacuum-packaged fish, whether smoked or raw, should always be stored in the freezer or refrigerator.

Can frozen fish be shipped?

If frozen fish is properly packaged for delivery, it will remain frozen outside of a refrigerator for one to two days. There is no way of knowing what will happen to a package of frozen fish while it is in transit. To ensure that frozen fish is properly prepared for the trip, it must be airtight wrapped and transported with gel ice packs.

How are fish shipped in a vacuum?

There are a few options when it comes to shipping your fish home, which we advise:

First choice: Continue. At the dock, we can vacuum-seal your fish. You’ll next take the sealed fish to your hotel or rental and freeze it there. Buy a well-insulated soft cooler, take the frozen fish out, wrap it in newspaper (or another non-liquid or gel-based insulator), and bring it on the airline as a carry-on. Before your flight, you’ll want to wait until the absolute last minute to remove the fish from the freezer. ** Before leaving, inquire about the airlines’ perishables policies and familiarize yourself with them. If you have room in your carry-on luggage and your flight is short, this is a smart choice.

Second choice: checked item. At the dock, we can vacuum-seal your fish. You will then freeze it at your lodging or rental. A “fish box” mailer, which is simply a single-use cooler that fits snugly into a cardboard box for support, or a well-insulated hard cooler should be purchased. If you want to preserve the frozen fish as cold as possible during transit, you should buy dry ice or freeze gel packs. * Regarding the handling of dry ice and checked bags, verify with your airline. Once more, you should save removing the fish from the freezer to prepare for shipment until the very last moment. As directed by your airline, securely tape the package and label it “perishable.”

Option three: Next-day delivery with USPS, UPS, or FEDEX. Prices may differ depending on the carrier. The procedure is the same as option 2, except the carrier will insist that you use a “fish box” mailer, which they ought to have in stock. If not, all you’ll need to do is get a cooler and a cardboard box that the cooler can fit inside of tightly. For all of your perishable shipping requirements, we suggest Low Key Fisheries Seafood Market, 22500 Overseas Hwy, Cudjoe Key FL 33042. The fish should be packed either beneath dry ice or frozen gel packs. If you intend to use dry ice, ask the carrier what their policies are in this regard. Don’t forget to schedule the delivery so that it reaches at your door at the same time as or after you, or ship it to someone who will be home to receive it.

Fedex delivers live fish, right?

A. FedEx Express does not transport domestic pets like dogs, cats, birds, or hamsters as part of its regularly scheduled service and does not accept shipments of live animals.

What is smoked salmon that is shelf stable?

Salmon that has been smoked and is shelf stable is packaged in gold foil and doesn’t need to be refrigerated. It has a 5-year shelf life. The smoked salmon should be refrigerated after being opened and can be stored for 4 days. It is time to serve this smoked salmon.

How long does smoked salmon last when vacuum-packed?

Commercially vacuum-packed, unopened, smoked salmon Unopened, properly kept smoked salmon normally keeps in the refrigerator for two to three weeks, or until the date on the package.

What signs do you look for in subpar smoked salmon?

  • Salmon that has gone bad will often have slime, obvious dulling or discoloration of the surface, an unpleasant odor, or a terrible flavor. Throw away the smoked salmon if either of these are present.
  • Keep an eye on the expiration date on the label; if it has passed or if you opened the package more than five to ten days ago (depending on the variety), throw the fish away.
  • Both unopened and opened smoked salmon almost always has to be refrigerated.
  • If the package hasn’t been opened, you can freeze it in its original condition, or you can cut it into sections and store them in freezer bags.

What is the shelf life of smoked salmon?

Salmon that has been cold-smoked has a relatively short shelf life, lasting one to two weeks in the refrigerator and roughly a month in the freezer. Listeria bacteria may survive at low temperatures, therefore storage time is another crucial component in their development.

How long does vacuum-sealed smoked salmon keep when left out of the fridge?

It is not surprising that smoked salmon needs refrigeration because it is typically found in the store’s refrigerated department.

Make sure to put it in the refrigerator as soon as you arrive home from your excursion to the neighborhood grocery store. It won’t go bad if you leave it out at room temperature for 30 or even an hour, but it’s definitely not a good idea.

That business is called SeaBear. Feel free to put a package in the pantry or a kitchen dark cabinet if it is not refrigerated and the label clearly states that it can be stored at room temperature. But make sure it’s distant from heat sources like the sun. When in doubt, put the fish in the fridge.

If the original container can be sealed, do so and place it in the fridge. If not, seal the container inside a freezer bag for added security. That will contain the fish scent and shield the smoked salmon from fridge aromas simultaneously.