How To Ship Smoked Salmon?

Most likely, the smoked salmon you order will arrive vacuum-sealed in a package. Prior to being vacuum sealed, the salmon will have been salted and cured, which preserves flavor and helps the meat keep until delivery. It’s simple to get smoked salmon online.

The vacuum-sealed package functions almost like a can in that the smoked salmon doesn’t require cooling while being transported. Usually, frozen smoked salmon is shipped in a Styrofoam cooler that has been filled with dry ice.

A minimum purchase amount is often required for clients to receive free shipping from online seafood vendors. Costs associated with transporting smoked salmon reflect the need to keep the fish fresh until delivery. Shipping costs can frequently be reduced by organizing a large order.

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Fish can be shipped securely, yes. Make sure it has been properly smoked, vacuum-packed, and cured (80% salinity at 60 degrees). It will be good if you ship with one or two-day service.

Caution: To guarantee that your items are correctly cured, measure the salinity of your brines with a salimeter if you are unsure of their salinity. Despite being widely used, many brine recipes fall short of the standards for cured fish.

You can alternatively freeze the fish before packing it with crumpled newspaper, ice packs, and a foam cooler in a cardboard box for shipping.


Frostbitten….. Is that from your line of work, good information? You can mail up to five pounds of dry ice using the USPS. Never listen to those who say you can’t. A postal employee tried to tell me no, and I got into a fight with them, but the Postmaster showed up and declared I was right. Simply write it down on the outside of the package you’ll be mailing. “5 pounds of dry ice inside,” or something similar. This informs the pilot that there is dry ice present in his aircraft. They could either refuse to let it board, in which case it might board the following flight instead. Mine has never, as far as I’m aware, been moved to a later flight. Visit Carrs or Fred Meyers to purchase it. Simply keep the ice away from the fish; it will burn it due to how cold it is. You will be good to go if you wrap it in a towel or something.

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Transport & Delivery

You can trust that Solex Catsmo will carefully pack and dispatch any items you order from us. Monday through Wednesday is when we ship. We always ship perishables using UPS Next-day service in insulated cooler boxes. Your products will be delivered to your door while still being fresh because we employ UPS. Please study the details below to learn more about our shipping procedures.

Note that perishable items like caviar, smoked salmon, and other seafood are sent from our smokehouse facility in Wallkill, New York. If an order is placed by 2 PM (Eastern), we try to ship it the same day. However, during busy times of the year, like the holidays, it can take two business days to ship.

Handling Guidelines for Smoked Salmon

For the sake of preserving flavor and texture, our smoked salmon is shipped frozen. After thawing, it will be ready to consume, and it can be stored in the refrigerator for up to 45 days. Your smoked salmon will last longer if you store it in the freezer.

Additionally, our smoked salmon chowder ships without refrigeration and is shelf-stable. You may expect it to be prepared for consumption directly out of the box if you order it along with one of our other varieties of smoked salmon. Simply reheat to your favorite temperature and have pleasure. We want your experience with our smoked salmon to be simple and repeatable.

How is smoked salmon packaged?

Salmon that has been smoked can be stored in the refrigerator for two to three weeks or for one week following opening. Additionally, it has a three-month freeze-term. To prevent drying out, it is preferable to store in the original packaging or to wrap it snugly in plastic wrap.

How should salmon be shipped?

When shipping 20 pounds of fish, place one frozen solid gel ice pack inside a robust foam insulated box. The gel ice pack’s melting is slowed down by the foam insulation, keeping the fish frozen. As shipping times are always anticipated, it could take up to three days for the fish to arrive at its destination.

Can you mail me some smoked salmon?

Take it out of the freezer, package it, and send it via Priority Mail; it should arrive in 2 to 3 days. Simply advise everyone to keep it in their freezers, and it will last forever.

Can I bring smoked salmon on a trip?

No matter if you’re packing a tuna lunch for your flight or bringing home some freshly smoked salmon from your most recent trip to Alaska, there are a few things you should be aware of while going through security with cooked seafood. You can bring seafood in your carry-on or checked suitcase as long as it isn’t submerged in liquid. However, you must stow the item in your checked bag or leave it at home if there is liquid packaged with the food – and yes, this includes any canned fish.

How should fish be sent through the mail?

Here are some rules to keep in mind when packing your fish cargo, taken from the USPS website:

  • Place your fish inside an airtight plastic bag that has been filled halfway with water, then firmly tie the top shut.
  • A waterproof inner container, such as an insulated styrofoam box, should be placed inside the bag housing the fish and water.
  • Protect your plastic bag by lining the foam packing with enough absorbent material to soak up all liquid in the event of a leak (think towels, rags, etc)
  • Put a fresh corrugated cardboard box inside your inner waterproof container, then seal it.

Check out this insulated foam shipping kit from ULINE if you need some foam packaging.

How are fish shipped in a vacuum?

There are a few options when it comes to shipping your fish home, which we advise:

First choice: Continue. At the dock, we can vacuum-seal your fish. You’ll next take the sealed fish to your hotel or rental and freeze it there. Buy a well-insulated soft cooler, take the frozen fish out, wrap it in newspaper (or another non-liquid or gel-based insulator), and bring it on the airline as a carry-on. Before your flight, you’ll want to wait until the absolute last minute to remove the fish from the freezer. ** Before leaving, inquire about the airlines’ perishables policies and familiarize yourself with them. If you have room in your carry-on luggage and your flight is short, this is a smart choice.

Second choice: checked item. At the dock, we can vacuum-seal your fish. You will then freeze it at your lodging or rental. A “fish box” mailer, which is simply a single-use cooler that fits snugly into a cardboard box for support, or a well-insulated hard cooler should be purchased. If you want to preserve the frozen fish as cold as possible during transit, you should buy dry ice or freeze gel packs. * Regarding the handling of dry ice and checked bags, verify with your airline. Once more, you should save removing the fish from the freezer to prepare for shipment until the very last moment. As directed by your airline, securely tape the package and label it “perishable.”

Option three: Next-day delivery with USPS, UPS, or FEDEX. Prices may differ depending on the carrier. The procedure is the same as option 2, except the carrier will insist that you use a “fish box” mailer, which they ought to have in stock. If not, all you’ll need to do is get a cooler and a cardboard box that the cooler can fit inside of tightly. For all of your perishable shipping requirements, we suggest Low Key Fisheries Seafood Market, 22500 Overseas Hwy, Cudjoe Key FL 33042. The fish should be packed either beneath dry ice or frozen gel packs. If you intend to use dry ice, ask the carrier what their policies are in this regard. Don’t forget to schedule the delivery so that it reaches at your door at the same time as or after you, or ship it to someone who will be home to receive it.

Fish that has been smoked can be mailed.

Food cannot be preserved by vacuum wrapping. Warm temperatures combined with vacuum-packaged fish (smoked or raw) can result in botulism. People can die from food poisoning called botulism. As a result, keep the fish cold for your own protection. Vacuum-packaged fish, whether smoked or raw, should always be stored in the freezer or refrigerator.

Can you mail me some salmon?

Wet ice (literally, frozen water), dry ice, or gel packs are some of the most popular varieties of chilling packing materials. There aren’t many restrictions for wet ice if your fish will be delivered by air. If you intend to use dry ice within the package, you should be aware of the rules.

When using USPS air services like Priority Mail Express, you are only permitted to include up to 5 pounds of dry ice. Additionally, UPS only permits 5.5 pounds of dry ice per shipment for air delivery. With FedEx, you can ship up to 200 kilograms (or 440 pounds) of dry ice per package, which is more liberal.

Don’t put dry ice in an airtight container, expert advice! Dry ice emits carbon dioxide, which will lead to a buildup of pressure until your package bursts. No one wants a burst package of fresh fish, trust us on that.

Do I need to keep smoked salmon chilled?

Put vacuum-packed smoked fish in the refrigerator (ideally at 38 degrees F or less) or freezer if you don’t want to consume it right away. Additionally, to maintain quality and safety, keep your fish in the refrigerator even if you don’t vacuum-pack it.

Why is it important to package smoked fish correctly?

For commercial fish smoking operations, it’s crucial to have a facility and procedures that are well-designed to reduce risk of hazards and improve food safety. Regulations created by the Michigan Department of Agriculture and Rural Development aid the operator in comprehending the specifications for the packing stage of the commercial fish smoking procedures. An operator or someone looking to launch a commercial seafood business must be able to provide evidence of their packaging procedures and have a packaging facility that complies with safety standards.

The packing section of a commercial fish smoking process, in general, needs to be physically separated from the other parts of the operation. By doing this, the chance of cross contamination from raw fish, fish that hasn’t been properly processed, or raw fish processing equipment will be reduced. With precautions made to ensure that air movement from raw processing does not enter the packaging area, packing should be done in a room apart from the rest of the process. Planning the packaging room should take into account separate water, air lock routes between rooms, and closed doors.

It is not acceptable for staff members handling raw or partially processed fish to enter the packing room. This is because the worker’s hands or the clothing they are wearing may introduce dangerous bacteria. Employees who have handled rubbish or other unclean materials should also not be allowed in the packaging area. A procedure to stop hazardous bacteria from entering the packing facility should be devised if a person who has handled unclean materials needs to enter the packaging area. This would entail proper hand washing, changing out of unclean clothing, and changing into clean attire, but it wouldn’t necessarily stop there.

The tools and machinery used in the smoking and preparation of raw fish should not be used in packaging. The packaging room should have all the tools required to finish the job. Packaging materials need to be properly stored and kept away from cleaning supplies and raw fish products.