Why Do I Crave Tuna On My Period?

Fish is a wholesome addition to your diet because it is high in iron, protein, and omega-3 fatty acids. The drop in iron levels you can encounter while menstruating will be prevented by consuming iron.

Why I Want Tuna in the End

If you crave fish, such as tuna, there are a few nutrients that your body might be lacking.

One of the most typical causes is that you might not be getting enough protein and fat. Pregnancy is another common reason you might require more fat and protein than usual.

These nutrients are necessary for your body to function properly. Eat your fill of fish!

Another reason you might be desiring fish is that you might not be getting enough omega-3 fatty acids in your diet.

As a result, it’s crucial to eat foods that contain these minerals if you find yourself craving fish.

Check the list of fish with too much mercury twice, but otherwise feel free to indulge in your fish desires!

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Added sugar and prepared foods (Pasta, Bread, Etc.)

Possible explanations

  • overgrowth of the yeast Candida in the digestive, cutaneous, or respiratory systems
  • Before our menstruation, we had low estrogen and progesterone levels.


  • Start a candida-fighting diet and take lots of high-quality probiotics.
  • Learn to control your progesterone and estrogen levels throughout the cycle to lessen the impact of the dips. In this page’s estrogen reset method, you can learn how to naturally rebalance these hormones.

Why Do You Craving Food During Your Period?

Have you ever noticed that some cravings only occur during your period? Are the Snicker bar or large dish of spaghetti cravings you get during the PMS really any different from those you might have at any other time of the month?

The answer is yes, according to licensed dietician and nutritionist Justine Roth, R.D. Your body experiences physiological changes throughout your period, she claims. You are craving particular foods because your hormones are out of balance.

There is a school of thought that endogenous opioid peptides, or EOPs—amino acid bonds that are constantly present in your body—could be to blame for this, according to Suzanne Fenske, M.D., assistant professor of obstetrics, gynecology, and reproductive science at the Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai. There are more active EOPs at specific times, such as during your period (and pregnancy). We can’t say for sure,” she admits. However, it is believed that having these EOPs increases your desires.

Therefore, if you find yourself craving additional snacks or a taste (or two or three) of chocolate while you’re on your period, don’t be surprised. According to Fenske, salty foods like potato chips or chocolate are probably the most popular cravings during menstruation.

You require more Vitamin D if you yearn for eggs or fish.

Did you realize that over 50% of adult Americans are vitamin D deficient? Sun exposure is one of the main sources of this nutrient, despite the repeated advice to avoid the sun. How then, especially in the cold, can you get your fill? Take vitamin D supplements in the form of pills, gelcaps, or even liquids, or consume enough of vitamin D-rich foods such milk, yogurt, eggs, fish, and some cereals.

Is eating tuna during your period okay?

Seafood and fish Oysters, salmon, tuna, and sardines are excellent providers of omega-3 fatty acids. These nutrients may lessen bodily inflammation and alleviate menstrual pain.

Why does eating tuna make me feel better?

Three ounces, or one small can or half of a larger can, is the recommended serving size.

Omega-3 fatty acids included in canned tuna help to stabilize blood sugar levels and can help you feel fuller for longer, according to Zied. “Regular fish consumption helps maintain body proteins, which keeps you feeling invigorated and robust. A decreased incidence of depression is also associated with regular fish consumption.”

Why am I so protein-hungry during my period?

According to a study, intake of proteins—especially animal proteins—increases during the premenstrual period. Why do women need protein so much? Maybe it’s because they aid in blood sugar stabilization and prolong satiety, which lessens cravings. It should be remembered that proteins offer the amino acids required for hormone synthesis.

Additionally, and I’m sure this is nothing new to you, many women also have a craving for starchy foods, chocolate, and other sweets. Why do women crave carbohydrates? Most likely because women might be seeking for a general sensation of well-being and happiness, and consuming carbohydrates would somewhat mitigate the drop in serotonin levels.

You should be aware that living a healthy lifestyle will make it easier for you to control your cravings prior to your period. This is why it would be useful to incorporate regular physical activity into your daily schedule along with relaxation techniques like yoga and/or meditation.

Our meal plans basically guarantee that you’ll be eating a diet that’s high in complex carbohydrates (fruits, vegetables, whole grains), high in omega 3 fatty acids, high in fiber, while also favoring good sources of protein and including balanced snacks, all while limiting salt to prevent water retention. Why not use our Healthy meal plan or its Vegetarian variant to help you reach optimum health while controlling your cravings?

When you yearn for tuna, what are you lacking?

This is due to the fact that tuna is an excellent source of protein, healthful fats, omega three fatty acids, and vitamins A and D.

Your body need more calories, protein, and good fats when you are pregnant than usual.

So, if you find yourself desiring tuna when pregnant, then it is entirely natural and you should go ahead and consume it. An excellent idea is a tuna sandwich.

To be safe, it is best to always purchase Skipjack tuna in cans (further information about canned tuna is provided below)!

What occurs when you consume too much tuna?

Consumers have traditionally favored tuna as a food. In fact, the National Fisheries Institute estimates that Americans consume a staggering one billion pounds of canned (or pouched) fish per year. However, as many are aware, consuming too much of this lunchtime staple can result in mercury exposure.

According to LiveStrong, eating more tuna than is recommended each week can lead to an increase in the neurotoxic mercury exposure. Several alarming neurological symptoms, such as loss of coordination, memory issues, seizures, and tremors, can be brought on by mercury poisoning. Other symptoms of mercury poisoning, according to the Environmental Protection Agency, include loss of peripheral vision, difficulties with speech, hearing, or mobility, muscle weakness, and a numb, “pins and needles” sensation in the hands, feet, or lips.

Fortunately, it’s not too difficult to ensure that eating seafood won’t raise your mercury levels. Simply monitor your tuna intake and add other fish to your diet as needed to balance it out.

What foods are satisfying during a period?

Consume meals high in fiber, such as whole grain bread, pasta, and cereals, to maintain stable blood sugar levels and reduce mood swings and appetite demands. Aside from thiamine and riboflavin, enriched whole grain products also contain PMS-preventative B vitamins. Barley, brown rice, beans, and lentils are more instances.

Is tuna in a can healthy for digestion?

Choose tuna first Although tuna fish lacks fiber and the harsh, grisly parts found in some meat or poultry pieces, it can be more difficult for some people to digest than whole wheat, potatoes, and oats. Due to the satiety effects of protein, eating tuna also makes you feel more “full.”

Should I indulge in my menstrual cravings?

You can give in. But try to indulge moderately or pick healthier options when you can to prevent a sugar crash or a carb crash. As usual, pay attention to your body. It may be trying to tell you something. Cravings associated with PMS are typically brought on by shifting hormone levels and are safe.

When a girl is on her period, what should she avoid eating?

Avoid fried foods and prepared snacks, particularly packaged foods, as they are high in sodium and salt. Dr. Patil stated, “Excess salt consumption results in water retention, which causes bloating during your period. In fact, stay away from spicy foods as well because they can irritate your stomach and trigger acid reflux.

“Avoid consuming beverages that can give you headaches or constipation, such as coffee and energy drinks. Additionally, it may lead to gastric issues “She spoke.

Alcohol affects the body in many ways, causing everything from headaches to a nasty hangover.

Is tuna in cans omega-3?

Additionally, it lasts a long period. In your pantry, some brands can last for two to five years.

Because it has few calories and a lot of protein, canned tuna is a smart choice if you’re trying to lose weight.

High-protein diets have been linked to advantages for weight loss, including heightened sensations of fullness and less cravings (7, 8).

Tuna is nevertheless regarded as a strong source of omega-3 fatty acids despite having little fat (1, 2, 9).

Omega-3s are necessary dietary fats that are good for the health of the heart, eyes, and brain. Although you can also acquire omega-3s from plant foods, fish is thought to be a key dietary source of these beneficial fats (10, 11).

The Dietary Guidelines for Americans currently advise individuals to eat 8 ounces (227 grams) of seafood weekly as a result (12).

If you want to compare brands, examine the labels because the types and quantities of fats can differ depending on the type of canned tuna you select (1, 2, 12).

In addition to being a rich source of healthful fats, canned tuna is also a wonderful source of a number of vitamins and minerals, particularly selenium and vitamin D. (1, 2).

Last but not least, despite being in a can, many kinds of canned tuna contain merely tuna, water or oil, and salt. For added flavor, certain brands could also include seasonings or broth.

An affordable, low-calorie source of protein and other crucial elements, such as omega-3 fatty acids, is canned tuna. In your pantry, some brands can last for two to five years.

What foods lengthen your period?

Menstruation, often known as periods, is a normal bodily function that causes a woman’s vagina to bleed for three to seven days once a month. The body gets ready for pregnancy each month, and if there isn’t one, the uterus begins to shed its lining, along with blood and tissues.

Let’s face it: Periods aren’t enjoyable. Periods cause all kinds of strange things in our bodies, such as mood changes and cramping. Menorrhagia is the term for when some women get heavier periods in addition to all the other symptoms. In addition to the inconvenience of often changing pads or tampons, a heavy period can also result in anaemia.

What then is severe bleeding? There is no precise number that determines if a period is heavy or not, although 90% of women lose up to 80ml of blood each month; if you are losing more, your periods are heavy.

Do you realize that your diet might impact your menstruation as well? Yes, certain foods can in fact make your periods heavier and longer than usual. In this post, we’ve listed 5 foods that may cause your periods to become heavier and more frequent. Read on.

One, beetroot Iron, calcium, vitamins, potassium, folic acid, and fiber are abundant in beetroots. They are undoubtedly excellent for your health, but when it comes to your period, they may make things worse! At the time of your menstruation, eating or drinking beetroot can boost blood flow. So you must stay away from them throughout that time of the month!

Chocolates, 2. Yes, they work wonders for your mood swings and pains, but did you know that consuming chocolate while on your period can make it heavier? Although they have a fantastic flavor, chocolates might increase blood flow.

3. Honey While honey is calming to the body, when you’re having a period it can make you feel hotter inside and make your periods heavier than usual. Avoid adding honey to your food or beverages throughout your cycles.

4. Espresso

Coffee contains caffeine, which might boost oestrogen, worsening your situation. While some claim it eases menstrual discomfort, the truth is that it just makes your periods more uncomfortable!

5. Dairy items

Dairy products contain mostly saturated fats, which have the potential to inflame the body. Not only do they worsen your periods, but they can also make cramps worse. Thus, you must refrain from having them while you are menstruation.