How To Make Mutton Gravy In Tamil?

Soft, supple meat chunks in a hot, onion-and-tomato-flavored stew make up the flavorful Indian meal known as mutton curry, also known as mutton masala or mutton gravy. Have you ever questioned how restaurant mutton gravy manages to be so supple, luscious, and tender? You may prepare one such dish using the extremely simple ingredients and instructions in this post.

Readers frequently contacted me asking for a decent mutton curry recipe. I thought I’d share this along with the list of Iftar recipes as Ramadan is just around the corner.

This is a general Indian mutton recipe, not specific to any region, but you can adjust it by adding basic seasonings or masala to suit your preferences or the culture in your area. Wherever possible, I have incorporated the advice.

I strongly advise sticking to the recipe exactly as written if you’re a novice or have previously failed to make a good mutton curry.

I’m demonstrating this with with 300 grams of meat for the readers’ convenience, but you may easily double or quadruple the recipe.