Where To Buy Venison In Portland Oregon?

Consumer preference is growing for specialty meats such venison, elk, wild boar, emu, rabbit, pheasant, ostrich, and goat. While not all of these meats are regularly available in our fresh meat case, our freezer is stocked with many of them, and our meat cutters are available to assist you in locating or ordering the speciality meat of your choosing. Here are some samples of specialty meats to whet your appetite.

Longs’ offers Muscovy Duck from Grimaud Farms with pride and experience with a high-quality product. Grimaud Farms ducks are reared in barns without the use of steroids, antibiotics, or growth hormones, allowing them to develop normally. This soft, meaty bird has the finest flavor when consumed on a balanced diet. Compared to turkey, Muscovy ducks have fewer calories and fat per pound. We sell whole ducks, duck legs, breasts, rendered duck fat, drumettes, and the on-site-made duck confit that is offered in the market. One of the most adaptable meats, duck goes well with a variety of foods, flavors, and wines.

A well-liked game bird that brings back memories of family hunts in the Oregon High Desert. Pheasants reared on farms have a delicate flavor that sets them apart from wild game birds. The breast has white meat that is reddish in color, and it is advised to cook it fast at a high temperature. Leg meat has a tendency to be firmer and darker. When combined, it offers a pleasant blend of flavor and texture.

Venison The flesh of deer or antelope endemic to the United States is typically referred to as “venison.” Additionally, some areas of the nation include moose and elk that are native. All year long, Long’s carries ground and medallionized deer meat. It is located in the freezer case. Ask our meat cutters about availability or to place your order for custom cuts.

Wild boar is a preferred option among specialized meat products and a tasty substitute for conventional hog. Boar can be adapted to a wide variety of everyday and traditional recipes thanks to its flavor and texture.

Please verify with our meat cutters before making a purchase because many speciality meats are seasonal or have limited availability. To begin your order for specialty meat, fill out the Customer Contact/Special Order Form on the Contact page.

Farm-fresh, hand-cut, family-run products

— make folks happy and they’ll come back frequently. Gartner’s Country Meat Market is now Portland’s go-to family-run retailer for freshly cut steaks, chops, ribs, and roasts, as well as locally made sausages, ham, bacon, and a ton more. We charge pounds for happiness.

And Jack taught us that people come for the contents of the case, so we never forget that.

Processing games

Whites Country Meats wants to make sure you can enjoy the catch of the day at your table. The first steps in game processing are to correctly field dress the meat, thoroughly and swiftly cool it, and then transport it. One of the biggest game processors in the Portland metro region is Whites Country Meats. We use game processing methods that allow us to keep the most meat from your prized game as possible.

Our skilled butchers will take over once your animal arrives at Whites Country Meats.


Local butcher shop Timberline Meat is situated in picturesque Sandy, Oregon. We offer meats of the finest and greatest quality. We only offer the freshest, most natural beef, pig, and poultry that can be found.

With the assistance of our nearby USDA-inspected processing facility, we are specialists in offering expertly made cuts of meat using the best practices in the business.

We try to work with farms that are family-run and -owned, implement sustainable and ecologically friendly practices, and treat their animals with compassion and social responsibility.

We show integrity and respect to both our customers and workers. We sincerely wish to continue serving you and working here for many more generations. We can accommodate large orders and specific requests with plenty of notice.