What To Wear Elk Hunting In Colorado?

If you’re not careful, the weight in your daypack can build up rapidly. When hunting in rocky terrain or at a high altitude, a large pack will soon exhaust you. Utilize contemporary textiles and insulating elements to keep it light. Merino wool base layers are advised due to its adaptability in both warm and cold climates. Fewer stuff are needed to pack when you are versatile. It’s difficult to match goose down’s lightweight packability for insulation layers. Yet not all down is created equal. Look for 800-fill or comparable down in particular. This premium down provides exceptional warmth for a surprisingly light weight. Additionally, it is compact and takes up very little room in your pack.

Synthetic materials that are highly breathable and lightweight should be taken into consideration for your pants, jackets, rain gear, and any other outerwear. When engaged in an active mountain hunt, such as an elk hunt here in Colorado, heavy and insulated apparel is not recommended. When it’s chilly out, you want to be able to add insulation layers, but you also want to be able to take them off when you need to move around.


We advise choosing merino wool or high-tech, synthetic textiles for your hunting outfit. A damp pair of pants weighs more and is more uncomfortable, and cotton quickly loses its thermal characteristics when wet.

Synthetic materials like polypropylene or Capeline are appropriate for base layers and insulating layers. Merino wool is another excellent option. They have good insulating qualities, dry quickly, and wick moisture from your body.

This kind of clothing is made by numerous companies and is quite inexpensive. Spending a bundle on clothing that is scent-controlled by silver or carbon is not advised. The fact that your clothing is silver-laced won’t be appreciated by an elk standing downwind. Worry more about making purchases of the best boots, outerwear, and accessories.

When it comes to outerwear, price really does matter. High-quality outerwear will be weather-resistant and breathable while also being light and packable.

For rain clothing, Gore-Tex, eVent, or a comparable 3-layer fabric is advised. The best membrane systems for breathability and weather resistance include three layers. Gore-Tex PacLite is a fantastic material for early-season hunts because it provides superb protection in a very light compact.

Next, seek for outerwear with pit zips, which can improve breathability even more. The last thing you need when ascending a steep slope is non-breathable rain gear that leaves you cold and damp on the inside.

These days, ultralight rain gear is a highly popular option. These are typically constructed of a two-layer structure consisting of a laminate coating to repel water and a fabric similar to nylon. Although they typically only weigh a few ounces and pack down to the size of a coffee mug, these Ultralight clothing items won’t hold up to heavy use and quickly lose their water repellency. Each season, they need to be “rewaterproofed.”

Although the price of a Gore-Tex-like material can be double that of certain substitutes, I’ve discovered that it will last a lot longer. I advise investing in high-quality apparel up front so you have long-lasting rain gear.

Trousers: Sitka Stratus Trousers

The Stratus Pants from Sitka are among the best and most functional hunting pants on the market, so they really hit the mark. The Statuses will keep them dry and toasty in all types of weather that elk hunters encounter. Walking through the eerily silent woods makes little “swish” sounds, therefore it’s important to keep your mouth shut the entire time.

Check out our list of the top hunting pants for 2022 if you want to do a little shopping around for pants.

How should I dress for elk hunting?

The outside temperature can change significantly throughout the day, and depending on how active you are, you could go from being sweaty and overheated to being numbly cold. Always wear layers to keep your body at a constant, comfortable temperature. A moisture-wicking base layer (not cotton) will be essential, unless the hunt occurs in the early part of the season. The next set of clothes includes pants, a long sleeve T-shirt, and a medium-weight overshirt. When you’re moving around, a fleece or insulated vest is a wonderful alternative. The finishing touch will be an outer jacket or camouflage hoodie, but stay away from wearing a bulky garment unless the weather is expected to be bitterly cold. It is preferable to wear many light layers underneath so that you can modify your body temperature by removing or adding another layer. Make sure your hunting bag has enough space so you can carry your spare clothes when you shed them.

In Colorado, is it required to wear orange during elk hunting?

Any weapons license season in Colorado requires hunters to wear a minimum of 500 square inches of hunter orange or pink material while pursuing deer, elk, pronghorn, bear, or moose. The hunter orange or pink apparel must be an outer layer worn above the waist, and it must also contain a head covering that is clearly visible from all angles (such as a hat or cap). When using a rifle during any rifle season, same rules also apply to muzzleloader and archery hunters.

While wearing hunter orange or hunter pink is not compulsory for archery hunters participating in the Ranching for Wildlife program when hunting on private property, it is strongly advised.

When hunting from a ground blind or pop-up blind, the hunter should also wear orange or pink and make sure it is visible from all angles.

Elk should not be worn in what color?

There are only bluish light cells and green-yellow light cells in deer, antelope, elk, sheep, goats, and pigs. These are the only colors they can see in. Orange, pink, purple, red, and purple are absent.

How much orange must a hunter in Colorado wear?

According to Colorado law, you must be wearing at least 500 square inches of clearly visible solid daylight fluorescent orange, including a head covering. Orange camouflage is not acceptable. For the pack, I recommend a ball hat, a stocking cap, and a fleece vest. Hooded Blaze clothing is also highly effective.

In Colorado, is it legal to carry a firearm when elk hunting?

During the hunting season, there is no such thing as a backup sidearm. While hunting, you may carry a handgun for personal defense, but only for that purpose.

What belongs in a hunting pack for elk?

  • License.
  • card for hunter safety.
  • Bullets.
  • Water-resistant matches
  • Wipes without fragrance or toilet paper
  • Knives.
  • 20′ of strong nylon yarn or rope (useful for tying a leg or two to a tree during field dressing)

Which Colorado county has the most elk?

GRAND COUNTY, COLO. Grand County, which included the majority of Middle Park in Northern Colorado, has long been a popular destination for elk and deer hunters.

Grand County and Middle Park are located in northwest Colorado, which is home to the largest migratory herd of elk in North America and the largest mule deer population in the country. From the time of the early Native Americans to the present, hunters have always had success in this area, which is known for its abundant herds of deer and elk.

The Colorado Division of Wildlife’s Game Management Units (GMU) 18, 27, 28, 37, 181 and 371 are located in the Middle Park region and all have healthy populations of deer and elk.

Hunters should be prepared for these weather variations because the weather in this region can change quickly and the higher elevations receive more precipitation. Cold temperatures can occur during the hunting season, especially after dark, and early snowfall is not uncommon.

Early severe snowfall will force the animals to lower elevations, but if the weather is good, they will remain widely spread and typically at higher elevations. The weather in Middle Park also determines where the deer and elk will be located.

With the lodgepole pine trees dying, their needles fall, and the stands of trees become more open, another factor is the ongoing mountain pine beetle epidemic that has affected Grand County and Middle Park. With the late summer and early autumn rains, more abundant forage is produced, which will typically keep the deer and elk results at the higher elevations.

All of the terrain in the GMUs of Middle Park is classified as steep to extremely steep; four-wheel drive is advised; chains should be used; and some parts may become snowbound.

According to wildlife officers, the best hunting is typically located at least half a mile from roadways.

The majority of the valley bottoms, which make up about a third of the GMUs’ total area, are private lands, so hunters must obtain permission to hunt on these lands ahead of time. The remaining two-thirds of the GMUs’ total area are public land, though GMU 27 has less public land than the other GMUs.

Horses and pack animals are recommended for remote tracts and wilderness areas. Hunters in the Grand County and Middle Park area should be aware that timber-salvage work due to the pine beetle epidemic is ongoing in this area. Additionally, due to the area’s proximity to Denver, there are many weekend hunters and recreationists such as mountain bikers, hikers, and hunters who use ATVs.

Does camouflage affect elk hunting?

Only thing that matters in camo is breaking up your outline. “Patterns” are like the colors of fishing lures. Someone will purchase it if it looks excellent. Elk, deer, and other animals lack color vision.

Can you hunt in Colorado with an AR-15?

  • California
  • Connecticut
  • Delaware
  • Maryland
  • Massachusetts
  • Hampshire, New
  • Jersey, New
  • A new York
  • Ohio
  • Vermont
  • Washington
  • Providence, RI

*The laws of each state as of November 2020 were used to compile this list. Please review the most recent hunting laws and restrictions of the state or states you intend to visit.

Local governments have the authority to enact bans even if using an AR-15 for hunting is permitted elsewhere in the state. As with any firearms, always make sure you comprehend and abide by all local regulations. There are municipal bans on AR-15s in some Illinois and Indiana cities and counties, and Washington, D.C. has an AR-15 possession ban.

There are numerous state restrictions that control bullet size for game hunting, even if your state permits you to carry an AR-15. Colorado, Illinois, Iowa, Virginia, Ohio, Washington, and West Virginia all permit the possession of AR-15s but demand that hunters use ammunition larger than.223. Some states only permit the use of straight-wall ammunition, which eliminates a number of rounds that are common for the AR platform.

Can you hunt while wearing pink?

The following conditions must be met before wearing fluorescent pink or orange:

Big game and trophy game hunters must make a conspicuous effort to don one outer clothing in either fluorescent orange or fluorescent pink, with the exception of those who hunt during the special archery season. A hat, shirt, jacket, coat, vest, or sweater is meant by this.

A hunter may choose to wear both fluorescent orange and fluorescent pink while in the field if they want to wear more than one fluorescent external garment.

In some areas, hunters of wild bison and pheasants must additionally don neon orange or pink clothing.

Additionally, any archer hunting during the legal season must do so while donning one of these fluorescent hues.

Never seen fluorescent pink before? Below is a picture of Pantone 806C, which is a suitable benchmark.