What Does Eggs Bacon Grits Sausage Mean?

Eggs, bacon, grits, sausage — please say it loudly! Bring that b*tch over and suck my SAUSAGE, please! Pull up and order a SAUSAGE at IHOP! With that muthafuckin’ SAUSAGE, I need a pancake! I need some SAUSAGE, give me that stuff! Lick my dick, that sausage is sh*t! Like a muthafuckin’ SAUSAGE, my crap is brown! Go ahead and consume some SAUSAGE! I enjoy SAUSAGE as well as pancakes! I also enjoy SAUSAGE and pancakes! Good waffles, but I like SAUSAGE! I like eggs, but send the SAUSAGE!

Grits, sausage, bacon, and eggs.

Given that it may be eaten with pasta for dinner or with eggs for morning, as well as the numerous varieties of chicken sausage sold at Trader Joe’s, sausage is one of the more adaptable proteins. Teenagers are sharing their love of sausage through the power of sick beats in the meat’s #sausagemovement Vine trend.

This month, BuzzFeed explained the phenomenon. The meme simply consists of people singing about their love for the wiener and adding additional lyrics that reflect their individual style to the song.

On Instagram, there are a ton of fantastic #sausagemovement Vines and movies, but this is by far the finest one so far:

If you couldn’t catch all of the lyrics, here is the transcription:

Everyone mentions sausage Continue this Sausage, bacon, and eggs. Despite being skinny, I still eat sausage. Even though I have a fat ass, I still eat the sausage. Even though I have a flat ass, I still eat a sausage. I eat that sausage when I first wake up in the morning. Despite being a redhead, I still eat the sausage. Despite being queer, I still eat sausage. White chicks, black girls, take your man’s sausage, which is *something gargled and inaudible* I may be fat and white, but I get the sausage. Of course I read books, but they are all about sausage. The following is sausage: the phrase sausage Could I still eat sausage if I like girls?

We hereby nominate this group to represent the sausage revolution since they are zealous and unexpectedly socially conscious. Who is allowing these teenagers to simply rap about sausage in a classroom, too? Where is the classroom management? This video is made funnier by all the other kids watching in the background who don’t seem to care about the rap.