How To Play Silly Sausage?

Play just like in single mode, except after a few commands, Silly Sausage will occasionally say, “Pass me to the next player.”

Review of Silly Sausage

Leading toy dealers recently selected Silly Sausage as one of the top 12 Dream Toys of 2016. Players respond to instructions from the foot-long red plastic sausage in this ridiculous family game from John Adams. It is appropriate for kids ages 7 and older.

The three play modes—single, party, and turbo—and 10 grilling games in this sausage make it ideal for competitive or lone play. The object of the game is to follow Silly Sausage as he barks out instructions by twisting, shaking, dipping, stretching, and poking. You’d better pay attention since the speed picks up as the level increases.

At the back of the sausage is an on/off switch. After turning it on, you must choose from the games Chipolata, Banger, or Jumbo by pushing the creature’s belly button. Shake Me, Stretch Me, Twist Me, Poke Me, and Dip Me are his five orders.

Chipolata is a quick-thinking game. Single, party, single turbo, and party turbo are the four game modes. We had a lot of fun with this! The key word here is response. As long as your hands are not blocking the speaker, which is located on the bottom of the sausage, the sound is quite loud and clear.

There are just two game modes in Banger, a pass and play reaction game: party and party turbo. You have to respond appropriately to his orders by probing, twisting, dipping, stretching, or shaking it. It’s similar to passing the parcel except that you don’t have to unwrap anything.

Jumbo, a memory game, is the last game. There are four operating modes included: single, party, single turbo, and party turbo. To win the game, you must precisely replicate the sausage’s instructions!

This sausage is easy to handle in either hand and is lightweight. Additionally, it is incredibly cute! It needs two AA batteries (demo batteries are included). When you replace the batteries, it will reset the high scores. After some inactivity, the device will shut itself off. He will say Silly Sausage and become awake when you poke him in the belly button, at which point you can choose a game or mode.

Overall, we absolutely adore this, and it’s a fantastic party game for getting people to engage! Without a doubt, I’d advise it. Amazon and respectable toy shops both carry Silly Sausage. Call John Adams at 01480 414361 for a list of stockists, or go to

Level 4

The introduction of four green pipes, a sizable number of clustered spike diamonds, and four green pipes. When entering a pipe, the player must be careful to not go too far or they risk hitting a spike diamond. Some players may find it helpful to grab onto the pipes in order to move more precisely through the level.

Each participant selects a sausage dog card.

Silly Sausage, the funniest reaction game, reviewed in a toy review

My friend found a Silly Sausage in a toy store and posted a tongue-in-cheek photo of it on Instagram. That was the first time I had ever seen one. At first glance, I did scoff a little because it raises some eyebrows. When I finally got a chance to eat one, the vivid orange plastic sausage rapidly turned into a mild infatuation.

The newest extremely quick-reaction game from John Adams is called Silly Sausage. The sausage is quite simple to use; simply turn him on and wait for his instructions. However, you must act quickly. The object of the game is to twist, shake, dip, stretch, and poke the sausage while keeping up with him as he barks out instructions.

With its ten quick-fire reaction games and three game modes—single, party, and turbo—Silly Sausage may be played alone or against others. Everyone was eager to try Silly Sausage after it made its premiere at a family supper for the young boy’s birthday over the weekend.

The faster the sausage moves, the higher the level, therefore you have to react very quickly to stay up with him.

  • Speed-and-reaction game Chipolata
  • A pass and play reaction game is called Banger.
  • Memory and response game Jumbo

Additionally, there are three game modes: single, multiplayer (party), and ultra-fast play (turbo). The solo speed and reaction game “Chipolata” was enjoyable to me and fit my style.

It is entirely innocent, but I’d be stupid if I didn’t accept that many people are being a little wink-wink-nudge about it. The children are utterly unaffected by any Carry On-style allusions, and only the grownups sit silently grinning.

There will be a small percentage of folks who find the sausage to be too noisy. The faster the music plays, the more it can irritate you, but bah humbug to them. There is no volume control, which could be a concern for those who have hearing loss. To avoid missing the instruction, you must be careful not to cover the speaker with your hand.

If Silly Sausage isn’t played with for a while, he will shut off. To wake him up, simply press the button on his tummy. We’ve played with him for days and he’s still going strong. He requires 2 AA batteries, and they seem to last a decent length of time.

All reputable toy stores and online retailers like Amazon sell Silly Sausage for roughly PS19.99. Although the game is meant for players aged 7 and up, my son, who recently turned 6, had no problems at all playing it. Tiny kids with smaller hands can have some difficulty.

I don’t mean to downplay how much I adore Silly Sausage. I find it to be humorous, and I’ve always like playing games that need quick thinking. The funniest and coolest game this Christmas, in my opinion, is called Silly Sausage!

How is the game sausage played?

The “active player” advances one step forward. The host says a word, such “Sausages,” and the remaining players queue up behind.

The inactive player approaches the other players and tries to make them laugh by asking questions, but the inactive player can only respond, “Sausages,” If successful, they take the place of the current player.

Technically speaking, it’s a game of jokes with the same punchline that everyone else is playing. What actually occurs is a ludicrous variety of various joke types, including bilingual puns, mondegreens, spoonerisms, and puns on things.

My favorite summaries

The word is “Vending Machine”: What is the mother called if the father is referred to as a “Vending Pa-chine”?

The word is “Tuba”: How many “Baas” does it take to get to “Black Sheep” in the song “Baa Baa Black Sheep”?

The number of levels in Silly Sausage?

30 stages make up Silly Sausage. To acquire the required gems and ultimately make it to the finish line, the stretchy puppy must maneuver through each one.

What is the Sausage Party villain?

The main bad guy in the 2016 adult animated comedy Sausage Party is Douche. He is infamous for bullying (and later killing) meals, making him both a metaphorical and real douche. He is a nasty, vicious, and megalomaniacal feminine hygiene product. He is also fixated on trying to kill Brenda and Frank because they derailed his goal.

Nick Kroll, who also provided the voices for Sergei in The Secret Life of Pets 2 and Tippy Tinkletrousers in Captain Underpants: The First Epic Movie, played him.