Which Burger And Lobster Is Best In London?

Using Tripadvisor, you may order food from Burger & Lobster Soho in London: Burger & Lobster Soho, ranked #1237 on Tripadvisor among restaurants, has 3839 unfavorable ratings.

Choose A Location Of Your Choice

There are nine Burger & Lobster locations in the capital city that are among the top lobster eateries in London. No matter where you are in London, we are not too far away. In Canary Wharf, Leicester Square, Soho, Knightsbridge, Bond Street, Bread Street, Mayfair, Oxford Circus, and all along Threadneedle Street, there are lobster restaurants.

Each of our restaurants is distinctive in its own way and conveniently located close to some of the most well-known tourist destinations. Our Knightsbridge restaurant is ideal for you if you’re seeking for a halal lobster restaurant in London because it’s close to Hyde Park. While our Oxford Circus restaurant is conveniently located for shoppers close to Oxford Street, our Canary Wharf restaurant boasts a gorgeous terrace. Since Burger & Lobster Mayfair was where it all began for us, it holds a particular place in our hearts. Additionally, Chinatown is close by to our lobster restaurant in Soho.

London’s Top Burger Restaurants

We think we are among the top burger restaurants in London. Your mouth will start watering as soon as you notice the delicious Nebraskan beef burgers on our menu. Since our rooftop concept became a reality in 2011, we have been providing guests all over the capital with premium Nebraskan cow burgers. Due to the popularity of our burger restaurants in London, we have now opened locations in New York, Dubai, Bangkok, Malaysia, Kuwait, and Singapore. When it comes to the top burger restaurants in London, there are plenty of options thanks to the capital city’s 9 restaurants.

Burger & Lobster offers lobster rolls

Visitors to Burger & Lobster consistently cite the lobster rolls as their favorite dish. These exquisite morsels are unlike any other since they are stuffed full with recent bits of chilled Nova Scotia lobster meat.

B&L’s Lobster Roll is served with fries, salad, and your choice of sauce: either our legendary lemon and garlic butter or clarified butter. The lobster roll is sandwiched between a trademark toasted brioche roll with lemon, mayo dressing, chives, and the other ingredients. According to rumors, we serve London’s best lobster roll.

The Best Burger Joint in Soho, London

We have to say that when it comes to Soho’s top burgers, we firmly believe that we rank among the best. Here’s why:

We’ve worked on just two high-quality components for a very long time—more than ten years, actually—to make them the best we can. Our Nebraskan beef burgers, which make up one half of the love story, are simply incomparable, and we attribute this to the fact that we partner with reputable family farmers to produce exquisite prime beef that is unrivaled. The combo of that delectable patty and the most recent toppings is unparalleled.

But don’t just take our word for it; come on over and we’ll be ready to welcome you with open buns if you’re looking for the best burger joint in Soho!

attractive cocktail menu

Burger & Lobster is the only place to go if you’re looking for the top cocktail bars in London. Our bartenders are masters at creating cocktails, as evidenced by the exquisite beverages we offer, all of which are expertly shaken and swirled.

Our enticing cocktail menu has something for everyone, including B&L House Cocktails, traditional drinks, tipples flavored with CBD oil, and mocktails that are flavorful without giving you the hangover.

Fan favorites at Burger & Lobster include, but are not limited to: the Golden Palm, a seductive blend of Havana, pineapple, lime, jasmine, and Sauvignon Blanc; the South Carolina Tea, which combines Beefeater 24, lemon, watermelon, and Earl Grey; and the Churchill Downs Smash, which combines Buffalo Trace, lemon, honey, apricot, sugar, and mint.

No cocktail bar in London would be complete without Martinis, Strawberry Daiquiris, Mojitos, and Margaritas; these timeless classics will always have a place in our hearts and on our menu.

Recently, we collaborated with Trip Drinks to offer you a variety of cocktails infused with CBD oil, such as Lemon & Basil Spritz and Elderflower & Mint Spritz.

Nobody said abstaining from alcohol has to be monotonous, and thanks to our selection of mocktails, non-alcoholic cocktails have never tasted so fantastic. Both the Mock Mojito and Tropic Thunder, which combine apple, pineapple, mango, bergamot, sugar, Grenadine, and passionfruit, are potent drinks.

You will be spoiled for choice when it comes to drinks in London if you visit Burger & Lobster shortly. The decision of picking one (or three) to attempt is the only issue we perceive.

When did the London location of Burger and Lobster debut?

Three major dishes are offered at the well-known casual dining establishment Burger & Lobster (B&L): burgers, lobsters, and lobster rolls.

The proprietors, four ex-schoolmates, had the straightforward notion to start a restaurant serving delectable burgers and lobsters in London. And thus they opened the first B&L location on Clarges Street, Mayfair in 2011!

Since then, it has grown to include 9 outlets throughout London. Additionally, there are international offices in places like Singapore, Malaysia, Dubai, Thailand, Kuwait, and others.

In the UK, how many Burger and Lobster restaurants exist?

Story of Burger & Lobster It’s fair to say that since the original Burger & Lobster was created in a tiny Irish bar in Mayfair, we’ve expanded, with nine locations spread throughout London as well as in New York, Dubai, Bangkok, Malaysia, Kuwait, and Singapore.

Does London, United Kingdom, have a Red Lobster?

There are several seafood restaurants in the UK (fish and chips, anyone? ), and we’ll talk about some alternatives to Red Lobster below.

I wanted to let you know that I’ve put together some incredible resources for anyone traveling to or relocating permanently to the UK before we get started on the history of Red Lobster in the UK and why there isn’t a Red Lobster in the UK.

But in all seriousness, if you’re moving to the UK as an expat, a study abroad student, or even just a visitor, my guide to life in the UK contains resources and advice on topics like homesickness in the UK (or how not to rage book a flight to America like I did), driving in the UK, being a student in the UK, and more practical advice about bank accounts, buying houses, and more. It also contains personal anecdotes and perhaps too-hon

There are plenty of opportunities to laugh at me as I share all of my expat fails, so there’s that. It’s a one-stop shop for all the weirdness and wonderfulness (is that a word?) that goes along with life in the UK.

If you’re just visiting, you should read the article below for tips on how to navigate the London Underground without seeming like a fool, as well as information on the currency in the UK and the distinctions between coins.

You’ll like the piece on culture shock or the one about my experiences learning to drive as an American in the UK if you’re an expat in that country (spoiler alert: lots of yelling involved).

Does England have lobsters?

British native lobsters are blue while raw but turn red when cooked. Off the coast of the UK, native lobsters are often pot fished from June to September.

What do lobsters cost in the UK?

The typical price range for United Kingdom (UK) lobster in 2022 is between US$ 5.47 and US$ 5.9 per pound, or between US$ 12.06 and US$ 13.01 per kilogram (lb).

The cost is GBP 8.7 per kilogram in British pounds sterling. A tonne typically costs US$ 12062.13 in Birmingham and London.

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Burger and Lobster’s proprietor?

Following a PS10 million loss in 2016, Burger & Lobster turned a profit of PS2.4 million in 2017.

During the entire year ending December 31, 2017, the business closed four UK locations to concentrate on London and international growth, according to BigHospitality’s sister site MCA.

A loss of PS10 million in 2016 was followed by a net profit of PS2.4 million.

The company reported that a number of modifications, such as menu revisions, additions to the starting menu, and improved drink selections, had resulted in a 2% rise in spend per head.

B&L lowered costs by closing locations and disposing of others, leaving it with nine total facilities. It also changed supplier agreements to cut down on wastage.

Compared to the prior period, underlying earnings increased to PS6.2 million from PS2.7 million.

Burger & Lobster is an example of how a restaurant brand can remain robust in trying times for the high street, according to founder Misha Zelman, who now serves as the director of Goodman Restaurants and Zelman Meats.

“The employees at this company are the reason we were able to turn it around. Now that we have a format that we know will work well for us and, more importantly, our customers, we can look to the future with optimism, continue to develop what we have in London, and start to grow the business in some of the most exciting locations in the world, such as China, the United States, and Hong Kong.

B&L claimed that it is now utilizing London as a “test kitchen” for ideas that it may introduce across borders and that it has ambitions to open two more US locations by 2020 in addition to growing in Singapore, Hong Kong, Canada, and China.

B&L intends to launch a brand-new concept called Shack in London as part of its focus there. Shack will provide a condensed menu of burgers and lobster rolls with prices starting at around PS10.

What meals pair well with lobster?

Planning a special lobster meal but unsure about the accompaniments? You shouldn’t worry since with lobster sides, less is more. The lobster will be the meal’s star attraction, and the side dishes should bring out its savory, sweet flavor. To put it another way, a delicious lobster dinner may be tossed together quickly and simply. 12 meals and sides that go well with lobster include:

  • clams or mussels steaming
  • French fries
  • Noodle Salad
  • new salad
  • Coleslaw
  • soup with clams
  • Off the cob or on, corn
  • Pasta with cheese
  • cheesy cookies
  • stale bread with a crust (or similar)
  • Fried Veggies
  • Champagne

Common accompaniments for Maine lobster include potatoes, cooked corn on the cob, and a side of melted butter. However, you can still enjoy preparing a full meal with a selection of easy sides. Let’s take a look at the best side dishes for various occasions that will take your guests and you to the rocky shores of Maine.

Does the UK have an Outback Steakhouse?

I’m not sure why, but it seems that British people dislike unending mounds of wonderful cheese-topped potatoes, sirloin steaks, the world’s best mac & cheese, and terrible imitations of Australian accents.

But let’s pause for a while before I discuss what I was able to discover about Outback Steakhouse in the UK.

No matter if you’re going to the UK for work, school, or just to travel around for a while, there are some special perspectives that you might want as an American to help you better understand the food, what they mean when they say certain words that you thought meant something else, and how to handle the miserable English weather.

Check out these pieces I’ve written on subjects like culture shock (very important if you haven’t looked into it yet), how to avoid making enemies on the London Underground, and where to find the greatest food in London (since you can’t go to Outback, see, this does have a connection somewhere).