Can Oysters Make You Feel Drunk?

Due to their high alcohol content and other proteins and minerals that can cause a person’s blood alcohol level to rise quickly, oysters can make a person feel inebriated.

Consuming raw oysters might cause euphoria.

I was pretty tipsy the first time I tried eating raw oysters. The strange part is that I didn’t consume any alcohol.

This occurred at Louisiana’s renowned Acme Oyster House in Metairie. As I sat at the bar, I observed a shucker crack apart rocky shells to reveal the ripe, icy-cold shellfish inside. They were large for the season and some of the greatest oysters I’ve ever had, so I gulped three or four of them. My face heated as I swallowed them, and I felt dizzy.

It had the same effect as an alcoholic buzz but was cleaner and fizzy. Big Booze would be concerned if I could bottle and sell it. And Rowan Jacobsen, an expert on oysters and James Beard Award-winning culinary writer, agreed that eating raw oysters had made him feel a little stupid.

People frequently compare it to a drug, says Rowan. “No one can explain why it occurs scientifically, but many of people do. Every time I consume healthy oysters, I experience it.”

The hype may have something to do with zinc, a powerful mineral found naturally in oysters. Jacobsen, however, rejects this theory.

It’s not zinc, he asserts. “I believe it to be something similar to chi because whatever it is, we haven’t yet figured out how to measure or see it. Unlike most of our food, the oyster’s life force hasn’t yet left.”


Most likely not. This claim is supported by a scant amount of scientific data, but we humans love to make up for it with anecdotal evidence! Basically, consider it a success if eating a dozen oysters makes you feel better.

How did oysters get such a reputation for love? Blame the Romans, King Henry the IV, cliched oyster advertising, and Casanova (who allegedly had 50 oysters for breakfast each day and claimed they were the source of his legendary libido).

Oysters do provide a good amount of zinc and other healthy elements, including iron, magnesium, selenium, vitamin B12, thiamin, riboflavin, niacin, and vitamins C, D, and E, which are crucial for reproductive development. Two amino acids contained in shellfish, such as oysters, called D-aspartic acid (D-Asp) and N-methyl-D-aspartate (NMDA), have been demonstrated to boost testosterone synthesis, at least in animals, according to a 2005 study. So, there you go.

To cite a wonderful article about aphrodisiacs from WebMD, “Scientific research has not found any meal to stimulate the human sex organs. However, eating and the act of eating can make the mind think of sex, which can assist arouse desire in the body.”

Can I consume oysters while drinking?

These shellfish, along with others, are excellent “brain” foods. A lot of false reports of food poisoning are caused by eating oysters with excessive alcohol since this makes the oysters pickle in your stomach.

Second, is wine compatible with seafood? Researchers identify the cause of the bad aftertaste

Diners have long been warned that pairing red wine with shellfish might result in an unappealing fishy flavor. Red wine has traditionally been paired with meat, and white wine with fish. While some whites can ruin the dinner, some reds can enhance the flavor of seafood.

Can you eat oysters and whiskey together? It turns out that whiskey and oysters go great together, especially Scotch whiskies from Scotland’s coastal districts, which offer a unique blend of spice, saltiness, and (often) smoke that can both accentuate the brininess of an oyster and cut straight through its rich creaminess.

Can oysters make you feel drunk, in addition? Due to their high alcohol content and other proteins and minerals that can cause a person’s blood alcohol level to rise quickly, oysters can make a person feel inebriated.

Oysters may contain bacteria or viruses that can make a person ill if they are consumed raw or undercooked. Eating raw oysters can make you very ill. The sole symptoms of Vibrio infections from oysters are typically diarrhea and vomiting. Any month of the year, eating oysters might make you ill.

Are Oysters Hormone-Inducing?

For hundreds of years, people have used oysters as a natural aphrodisiac to pique their desire and sex drive.

Actually, because of their stimulating qualities, it is said that the 18th-century Italian author Giacomo Casanova consumed a lot of oysters for breakfast every day.

The validity of the claim that eating oysters increases sex desire is investigated in this article.

Side Effects of Consuming Raw Oysters

Oyster consumption dates back more than 2,000 years, according to Colorado State University’s Food Source Information. These filter-feeding bivalve mollusks use roughly 25 gallons of water every day. While oysters contribute to a healthy coastline and clean water, they can carry diseases that might make you sick since they are filter feeders.

Nearly 80,000 people get sick from eating raw or undercooked oysters each year, and up to 100 people pass away as a result, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). The sickness is caused by different Vibrio bacterium strains, and symptoms can appear 24 to 48 hours after consuming contaminated oysters. The infection strain may have an impact on how ill you become.

After eating oysters, if you get stomach discomfort, you could have Vibrio parahaemolyticus infection. Only a minor infection, including diarrhea and vomiting, is brought on by this strain. The infection may be more serious if you’ve eaten raw oysters contaminated with Vibrio vulnificus. This strain of Vibrio can cause a blood infection, the emergence of skin sores that blister, the amputation of a limb, or even death.

No matter how severe your symptoms, if you feel ill after consuming raw oysters, you should schedule an examination and treatment plan with your primary care physician. The CDC reports that there is no proof that antibiotics can treat your infection, although in extreme circumstances, doctors may still prescribe them.

An Investigation of How Many Oysters It Takes to Get Horny

I recently went on a date with a charming man who disliked fish. He politely declined my request for a full dozen oysters, which I took as luck. I continued to eat while he looked on, half annoyed and half perplexed, until I finally noticed his expression.

I grinned and determined that I probably wouldn’t go to bed with him, but I then pondered whether his assertion had any basis. Later that evening, after canceling my date, I returned home and searched the phrase “do oysters make you horny?” but came up with no definitive results. I learned that they contain a lot of zinc, which helps produce testosterone and boosts sex desire in both men and women, but other than that, the majority of the scientific material struck me as being incredibly unscientific.

So I made the decision to embark on an oyster diet for a week in the interest of science. Every day at noon, I was supposed to consume more oysters, exponentially increasing my consumption over the course of a week. Aside from that, I would make an effort to lead a regular life while keeping a log of my sex drive. Eventually, I would like to find out whether there is a connection between oyster consumption and libido and, if so, how many oysters it takes to get hot.

Oysters: Do they contain alcohol?

There are a few things you should be aware of before choosing to consume oysters, regardless of whether you enjoy them or have ever wanted to sample this fresh shellfish. In fact, before ordering these shellfish during their next excursion, everyone should be aware of these seven facts regarding oysters.

  • Instead of oyster juice, it is called “liquor.” It’s okay if you’ve been saying it incorrectly the entire time; we’ll forgive you. But now that you know the vocabulary, you can really dazzle your pals. The natural juice found inside raw oysters is known as oyster liquor. This alcohol is crucial because it preserves the oyster’s life when it is out of the water. However, before you consume it, don’t rinse or discard the liquor because it is what keeps the oysters fresh.
  • An oyster that is too salty doesn’t exist. In actuality, the phrase is briny. When it comes to descriptions of oysters, there are other terminology that you might come across. While sweet oysters are mild, creamy oysters are buttery and less hard. A copper-tasting oyster indicates that it is extremely acidic.
  • Oysters are available whenever you desire. According to a proverb, oysters should only be consumed during months that begin with the letter “R.” That is untrue. The national oyster holiday actually falls in a month with no “R” whatsoever. Oh yeah, that’s August 5th.
  • An oyster has a 20-year lifespan. You might be eating older oysters than you realize. After all, the best foods and beverages in the world are frequently perfectly aged.
  • Oysters are beneficial for you. Your next order should include an additional dozen oysters because this type of fresh seafood is genuinely nutrient- and vitamin-rich. Good lipids, iron, vitamin B12, vitamin A, vitamin C, zinc, calcium, magnesium, and protein can all be found in oysters. What a nutritious dinner!
  • National Oyster Day exists. Yes, the official National Oyster Day is on Saturday, August 5. It was created by true oyster enthusiasts who wish to honor everything about this mollusc and show off their enthusiasm for oysters.
  • National Oyster Day is observed in Bottiglia. The most crucial piece of information concerning oysters is without a doubt this. This is due to a special event being held on August 5th at Bottiglia, a restaurant in Green Valley Ranch, where oysters will be available for $1 all night long. All evening long, you may purchase a fresh, tasty oyster for for $1. Visit us at Bottiglia and have a dozen or two along with a wonderful homemade drink to celebrate National Oyster Day in style.

Why do oysters give you a nice feeling?

Nutrient-rich oysters can improve both your physical and emotional wellbeing.

  • Despite having a low carbohydrate content, oysters are a great source of vitamins, minerals, and omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids.
  • Oysters enhance blood circulation and help control blood pressure, which makes you feel better all over.
  • Oysters are frequently thought of being aphrodisiacs (stimulates sex drive). However, the claim is unsupported by any scientific data.

Zinc, which is abundant in oysters and necessary for the production of testosterone (the male sex hormone), is critical for men’s sexual health. Consuming oysters may make up for a zinc deficit, which in turn may cause impotence in men.

Why do oysters give me the snoozes?

Due to their high zinc concentration, these well-known aphrodisiacs can also help you get some ZZZs, according to certified dietician Summer Yule. According to studies, foods high in this mineral can help you sleep better. According to Yule, there’s no need to spend a lot of time or money on fresh oysters when you can get the same benefits from high-quality canned oysters.

What shouldn’t be consumed when eating oysters?

Since powerful spirits do not help oysters digest, it is advised to consume beer, wine, or soft beverages with them. Champagne and stout are typical beverages served with oysters.