Where Can I Buy Hurka Sausage?

a rice dish with a goose and pork liver sausage. Excellent for frying in a pot or the oven.

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Despite its unassuming appearance, this sausage is one of our favorites. It is a sausage that was historically produced in a lot of houses, and eating it brings back happy memories of precious moments spent with grandparents. The recipe for Blue Danube is straightforward and unadorned, which is perhaps why it appeals to so many people as something they had as kids. Balaton’s rice sausage has a little more flavor added. Traditionally, a greased pan is used to bake Hungarian liver and rice sausage. Blue Danube is 1.35/100 gm, while Balaton is $1.29/gm. Prices are calculated based on sausages of average size. When orders are filled, actual weight and pricing will be determined.

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