Is Quiznos Lobster Real?

Fans of seafood, take note! A new promotion from Quiznos is for two lobster subs. The eight-inch Lobster Classic Sub and the Odd Bay Lobster Club Sub are on available for $6 each through February 20. You must be a member of the Quiznos loyalty program to take advantage of the offer.

Shredded lettuce is stacked between layers of lobster and seafood salad in the Lobster Classic Sub, which is served on an Italian baguette that has been butter-toasted. The same components are used in the Old Bay Lobster Club, but extras such Old Bay seasoning, bacon, tomatoes, and spicy mayo are also used. According to Quiznos, the lobster mix on both sandwiches is primarily made up of lobster, but it also contains some Alaskan Pollock.

When it comes to the more unusual alternatives on the menu, Quiznos is still king of the chain subs. The $6 offer and the lobster subs are accessible at participating sites around the nation. Visit the website to check the sub’s local availability to make sure you can purchase it at your neighborhood Quiznos.

Where is the lobster, Quiznos?

A few weeks back, MrConsumer was drawn to a Quiznos TV commercial. Although the lobster sandwich was being advertised, it seemed odd. The bits resembled tater tots more than lobster because of their consistent shape.


The fish portion of the sandwich contains only 51% lobster. To their credit, they referred to it as a lobster and seafood sandwich rather than a “lobster sandwich.” And the sandwich could only be called “lobster” if it had (slightly) more lobster than “seafood.”

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One of Quiznos’s Old Bay Lobster Salad-filled lobster subs is returning.

Hello! Even though it’s the middle of January, the thought of eating a burger outside while wearing shorts and sipping beer makes me want to cry with longing. This item from Quiznos is ideal for you if you long for warm beach days or simply love being close to the water.

Two different lobster subs are being offered by the sandwich shop, which are ideal if you’re missing summer. The brand-new Old Bay Lobster Club comes first. It is stuffed with chilled lobster and seafood salad that has been seasoned with Old Bay flavor and is served on a bun that has been butter-toasted. Bacon, lettuce, tomato, and a fiery Old Bay mayo are added as toppings. We can’t wait to taste this. The Lobster Classic is also returning; it consists of a lobster and seafood salad topped with shredded lettuce and served on a toasted butter bun.

Additionally, Quiznos is providing rewards members with a fantastic bargain, as if you needed any more justification to order them (uh, didn’t you read OLD BAY MAYO??). According to Chewboom, members of Quiznos Toasty Points will be able to get an eight-inch lobster sandwich for for $5 starting on February 14 and continuing through February 20. You can sign up right away and be qualified for the offer when it goes on sale because this is applicable to both current and new Toasty Points members. You’re going to have a lobster feast, so get the picnic table ready!

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The sandwich chain has reinstated lobster on its menu for a brief period of time. The “lobster classic,” a fan favorite sub, and the Old Bay lobster club, a fresh choice, are among the selections.

The “lobster classic,” a customer favorite, and a brand-new item called the Old Bay lobster club are among Quiznos’ lobster choices.

Although Quiznos may not be the first place many people consider when they are in the mood for some lobster, the sub chain has been adding seasonal lobster products for 11 years running.

On butter-toasted Italian bread, the lobster classic features a lobster and seafood salad with shredded lettuce.

In addition to adding Old Bay Seasoning, bacon, lettuce, tomato, and a spicy mayo created with Old Bay hot sauce, the Old Bay lobster club also includes lobster and seafood salad.

Both sandwiches are already offered at participating Quiznos restaurants, but from February 14 to 20, participants in the chain’s “Toasty Points” program can purchase an 8″ lobster sub for $5. Members can upload their Quiznos receipts to the program for future freebies at the restaurant, and membership is free.

According to Restaurant Business, Quiznos closed hundreds of outlets between 2007 and 2017. The chain was purchased by the current owners, High Bluff Capital Partners and REGO Restaurant Group, in 2018. According to statistics website ScrapeHero, there are currently 230 Quinzos left in the United States.

Although Quiznos may not be the first place many people consider when they are in the mood for some lobster, the sub chain has been adding seasonal lobster products for 11 years running. (Quiznos)

The restaurant is “thrilled” to be bringing back lobster, according to REGO Restaurant Group’s Mike Gieseman, director of culinary and innovation.

In a press statement, he said that “each mouthful of these scrumptious and delectable sandwiches will take our consumers to summer memories, ensuring to keep them warm all winter long.”

Classic Quiznos Lobster Is Back on the Menu

Starting on February 8, participating restaurants around the country will offer the limited-time sandwiches The Lobster Classic and Old Bay Lobster Club.

The arrival of Quiznos’ most popular dish, the Lobster Classic, heralds the arrival of spring. The Old Bay Lobster Club rejoins this seasonal limited-time offer, creating a delectable experience.

The lobster classic sub is served on butter-toasted Italian white bread with a lemon wedge garnish and a lobster and seafood salad mix. The same lobster and seafood salad mix, Old Bay seasoning, bacon, lettuce, tomato, spicy mayo, and toasted Italian white bread with a lemon garnish are all included in the Old Bay Lobster Club. By combining their preferred sandwich with a drink and some chips, customers can enjoy it even more.

The two sandwiches are returning this year, and we are overjoyed about it, says Mike Gieseman, Vice President of Culinary Innovation. The Old Bay(r) Lobster Club and the delectable Lobster Classic are two of our most well-liked seasonal delights, and we can’t wait for our guests to savor them once more.

Points for toast By participating in a variety of lobster-themed promotions running while these sandwiches are available, members can enjoy more than just a meal. From February 14 through February 20, members may purchase an eight-inch lobster sub for $6 as part of the Lobster Loyalty Promotion.

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Favorite Lobsters Go back to Quiznos.

With the addition of two limited-time items featuring lobster and seafood salad, Quiznos is kicking off the new year. At participating locations in the United States, the much-loved Lobster Classic is back, and a brand-new sub with the distinct Chesapeake flavor of Old Bay Seasoning and Hot Sauce debuts on the menu.

On butter-toasted Italian white bread, Quiznos’ Lobster Classic offers a delectable and irresistible lobster and seafood salad with shredded lettuce. By adding Old Bay Seasoning, bacon, lettuce, and tomato to the lobster and shellfish salad, the Old Bay Lobster Club improves the dish. A spicy mayo created with the new Old Bay Hot Sauce, which provides a zingy burst of flavor, is spread on top of the butter-toasted roll.

Members of the US Quiznos Toasty Points program will be able to get an 8-inch lobster sandwich for for $5 from February 14 to February 20, 2021. Throughout the event time, existing and new Toasty Points members will be eligible for this offer and others.

According to Chef Mike Gieseman, Director of Culinary and Innovation for REGO Restaurant Group, which owns Quiznos, “We are thrilled lobster is returning to the menu for the eleventh consecutive year – this time kicked up a notch with the tangy and herbaceous addition of Old Bay hot sauce and seasoning.” Every tempting bite of these delicious sandwiches will bring summertime memories to mind for our customers, who will be kept toasty all winter.

Beginning on January 26, Quiznos’ Old Bay Lobster Club and Lobster Classic are only accessible for a short period of time at participating locations throughout the United States.