How To Photograph Elk In Gta 5?


You must move to the icon on the map that resembles an elk head and enter the trailer there in order to start the hunting minigame. Then Trevor receives a sniper weapon with an endless supply of bullets and the animal call.

Before taking the image, you have the choice to remove the “grid.” After doing that, take the photo. When taking a photo without the “grid,” you have the option of sending it through text to a friend. Choose Cletus, and there you go!

If, after taking a photo, the instructions for sending it do not load in the bottom right corner of your PC screen, that’s a problem. Spacebar is used. To determine that, I had to click each button.

Hunting in GTA 5

In GTA 5, Trevor is the only character that can hunt, and this ability is acquired after finishing “Fair Game,” Cletus’ quest. In Chiliad Mountain State Wilderness, you can start hunting at the hunting trailer. See the complete instructions below.

  • Any day between dawn and dusk is suitable for hunting.
  • Shooting an animal while hunting won’t make you more wanted by the police.
  • On your map, a deer emblem indicates that you are hunting.
  • Approach the RV, press right on the D-pad to enter, change into your hunting gear, and start your expedition.
  • If you want to transfer to another location, there is a Dune Buggy parked close to the trailer.
  • Press the left D-Pad button to activate the elk call.
  • Press right on the D-pad and then confirm your decision to end the hunt.
  • Keep in mind that if the animals scent you, they will flee.
  • While hunting, keep in mind to employ stealth and silent weapons.

When you make a kill, send a picture of it to Cletus, who will then comment on how well you hunted and provide you with points for the hunting challenge. You can start the Nature Photographer challenge once you submit Cletus your first image. (Grab your phone, open the camera app, and snap a picture of your kill. Then, after clicking the Send Photos button, scroll down to Cletus in your contacts list and confirm your decision to send him the picture.

Once he has seen the picture, Cleus will send you a score. He evaluates your image using:

  • The creature you killed
  • How well the shot was made (the location of the bullet, there is a heart shot which is worth the most points, the other shots are listed at the bottom of this page in the Hunting Rewards System section.)

You gain award points by texting Cletus images of kills to show him. You will win medals for your hunting trip as these points mount up. Bronze is worth 30, Silver is worth 60, and Gold is worth 90 points.

Pause the game and enter the Mission Brief before you can begin the Hunting Challenges. There are three types of challenges: Master Hunter, Nature Photographer, and Weapon Master.

Master of Weapons Challenge:

  • Kill a coyote with a shotgun for rank one.
  • Rank 2: Run a boar over.
  • Rank 3: Use a grenade to kill a mountain lion.
  • Kill an elk without peeking through the scope, ranking four.
  • Rank 5: Use a sniper rifle to kill a bird.

Nature Photographer Challenge:

  • Rank 1: Snap a picture of an alarmed elk carcass.
  • Rank 2: Snap a picture of two dead elk.
  • Rank 3: Snap a photo of a dead coyote and a boar.
  • Rank 4: Snap a picture of a cougar that is charging with an elk carcass.
  • Rank 5: Snap a picture of an elk, cougar, boar, or coyote’s dead body.


  • Simply shoot an elk after it gets aware of you in order to capture a photo of a startled elk.
  • Animals can be grouped together in a photo for challenges that call for more than one animal or different animal species by being shot at or pushed into the frame.

Please leave your questions or comments in the section below if you have any GTA 5 hunting advice. Thank you for coming.

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I’m not sure whether it will work, but I am aware that a forklift can be used to transfer dead cows. Perhaps you could use one to drive out to the scene and stack bodies.

“Well, it appears that this episode will end well, just like my last massage,” (Otto Mann)

For rank 5, you don’t have to take a picture of them together. Simply take pictures of the dead animals as needed, but wait to email them until you have all of them. Send them all at once when you have them.

For rank 4, simply wait for a cougar to charge while perched atop the RV. It shouldn’t require much time.

In GTA 5, how do you shoot an elk?

You must shoot three out of four elk in the heart to kill them in order to meet the gold requirement. At a safe distance, point the gun forward at the elk’s chest. To reach the elk’s heart, wait for its head to move higher before shooting it in the chest.

After you’ve killed three elk, Cletus orders you to take a picture of your next kill and give it to him before he leaves. Find another elk using the diaphragm, then kill it.

To finish the job, move closer and take a picture of the dead elk before sending it to Cletus.

How does GTA 5 wildlife photography work?

After finishing the Paparazzomission for Beverly, the Wildlife Photography Challenge becomes available. Following the mission, Beverly texts Franklin to let him know that he’s entered him in a competition for amateur wildlife photographers.

After taking the photograph, utilize the SEND PHOTO(S) button to email it to the LS Tourist Board to finish the deal.

Once all 20 animals have been captured, the unique Kraken Sub becomes available for additional undersea explorations.

Following is the complete list of animals, in no particular order:

  • BOAR
  • CAT
  • COW
  • CROW
  • DEER
  • HEN
  • PIG
  • PUG
  • The West Highland Terrrier

How does GTA 5 photography work?

  • To bring up your phone, use the up d-pad button.
  • On the homescreen’s bottom left, choose the Snapmatic app.
  • Now, borders and filters can be switched between by pressing up or down on the d-pad.
  • To acquire the perfect photo, move about with the right stick while using the left stick to zoom in and out.
  • Additionally, you may focus and adjust the depth of field.
  • Once you’re satisfied, use the X or A buttons on the PS4 or Xbox One to take the picture and save it to the Gallery.

In GTA 5, is hunting possible?

In GTA 5, hunting is a sporting activity. Contacting Cletus in Sandy Shores’ northeast unlocks hunting. On the main global map, the Hunting tasks become available after completing two hunting-related events with Cletus.

Only Trevor is allowed to go hunting. Only during the day is hunting permitted. When hunting, the player can use an elk call to pinpoint the general location of the prey. To prevent being scented and startling animals, Trevor must remain downwind of them. He moves more covertly to lessen the chance of being seen.

In exchange for money, Trevor can send Cletus photographs of slain animals while participating in a hunting event. Trevor is also pushed by Cletus to achieve specific goals.

Trevor can come under threat from mountain lions when hunting. Prior to Trevor’s close, lions must be shot. When defending against Lions, the Assault Shotgun is an effective weapon.

How do you take pictures of wildlife?

  • Select a quick shutter speed.
  • Set the Aperture Priority Mode on Your Camera.
  • Deciding on a Mid-Range ISO.
  • Employ a long lens.
  • Employ autofocus.
  • Make use of a Strong Tripod or Monopod.
  • Be calm and organized.
  • Create a Good Photograph

In GTA 5, how do you turn into a deer?

By locating a Peyote Plant in the game’s world, GTA V players on the Next Gen can play as an Elk or a Deer. The main character will momentarily change into a random animal after swallowing one.

The “Cryptozoologist” Achievement must be obtained in order to unlock the option to play as a Deer or Elk at any time in Director Mode.

Additionally, taking pictures of this species is necessary for the side quest “Wildlife Photography Challenge.”

In GTA 5 missions, how do you transmit pictures?

launch the Snapmatic program, click the mouse once to take the photo. After the contacts list appears, left-click Beverly’s name to choose her. Many thanks

How does hunting in GTA 5 pay off financially?

Consequently, your initial task on the hunt will be to look for an animal to kill. When you do, you must photograph the animal and email it to Cletus, who will then pay you according to the success of the search in points and money.

In GTA 5, how do you obtain the Kraken?

Before you may access the Kraken Sub in GTA 5, you must unlock it. The “Wildlife Photography Challenge” in single player mode must be finished in order to unlock it. You must use the Snapmatic to capture images of each of the 20 varieties of animals seen in Grand Theft Auto V in order to accomplish the challenge. Here is a manual for finishing the task. For the Kraken, we currently only have the mobile phone cheat, therefore you must be using an Xbox One, PS4, or PC to successfully spawn it (PS3 or Xbox 360 are not supported).

  • We’re still working on the button combination for Xbox One and PS4, however you can utilize the smartphone trick below.

In GTA 5, where is the Kraken?

V Grand Theft Auto The Kraken will manifest docked at Cape Catfish port in the San Chianski Mountain Range following the conclusion of the Wildlife Photography Challenge. After completing the Wildlife Photography Challenge as any character, you can purchase it on DockTease for $1,325,000. It will spawn at the owner’s dock after being purchased.

How does GTA 5’s fast money system work?

In the early going of Grand Theft Auto 5, money is exceedingly difficult to come by. Think about one of the 20 GTA 5 robberies if you need money quickly.

Corner markets and convenience businesses make excellent, easy targets for robberies. Walk in, point a gun at the cashier, impress him by shooting all around him to make him move faster, take the money, and flee before the police show up.

Keep an eye on a few of your favorite establishments and search the area for useful hiding spots. Just outside the store, park your car with the front facing the street. Take the money, get in your car, and drive off to your alcove. You can build up a respectable bankroll by frequently shopping at a few well-known retailers.

There are two registers in certain establishments. You can force more money to come out of the second register by firing your rifle into it. To prevent waking up bystanders with the sound of the gunfire, wait until you have all the cash from the first register before shooting.

By getting your gun out and aiming it before entering the store, you can also rob apparel and weapons shops. The cash registers won’t be emptied for you by a store staff, but you can get the money inside by shooting them open on your own.

When robbing the same business again, employ caution because the clerk might obtain a gun and is not averse to using it.

Remember that robbing stores quickly after one another (within 48 minutes) will enhance the number of stars you receive for robbing. For instance, you will receive a 3 star desired level after stealing two stores, and so on.