Are Dodger Dogs All Beef? A Simple Guide

Are you a fan of the Los Angeles Dodgers?

Have you ever indulged in a Dodger Dog while watching a game at Dodger Stadium?

If so, you may have wondered what exactly is in this iconic ballpark snack.

Is it really all beef, as the name suggests?

In this article, we’ll dive into the history and ingredients of the Dodger Dog to answer this burning question.

From its origins in Brooklyn to its current supplier, we’ll explore everything you need to know about this beloved hot dog.

So grab a seat and get ready to learn about the Dodger Dog!

Are Dodger Dogs All Beef?

The short answer is no, Dodger Dogs are not all beef.

While the name may suggest otherwise, the Dodger Dog is actually a blend of beef and pork.

According to LAist, the original Dodger Dog was created for the opening of Dodger Stadium in 1962. The concessions director at the time, Thomas Arthur, wanted to pay homage to the team’s East Coast origins by creating a hot dog inspired by Coney Island’s famous foot-long franks.

However, he discovered that the dogs were two inches too short to be considered foot-long. To avoid false advertising, Arthur renamed the ten-inch dog the “Dodger Dog.”

The Dodger Dog has since become a symbol of the Dodgers’ fan base and a staple at Dodger Stadium.

But who supplies these famous hot dogs?

The History Of The Dodger Dog

The Dodger Dog has a rich and storied history that spans several decades. It was created by Thomas Arthur, who was the concessions manager at Dodger Stadium from 1962 to 1991. Originally, the Dodger Dog was sold as a “Foot Long” hot dog, but Arthur changed the name to “Dodger Dog” to avoid false advertising.

The Dodger Dog quickly became a fan favorite and a staple at Dodger Stadium. It was so popular that it even earned its own statue outside of the stadium. Actor Vincent Price even praised its deliciousness in his cookbook, Treasury of Great Recipes.

Initially, the Dodger Dog was made by the Morrell Meat Company, but Farmer John took over the hot dog needs of the stadium in 1972. Farmer John became one of the Dodgers’ chief sponsors and supplied the Dodger Dogs for many years. In 2004, Farmer John was purchased by Hormel, but in 2017, it was purchased by Smithfield Foods.

Despite changes in ownership, the Dodger Dog remained a beloved snack at Dodger Stadium. It is still one of the most famous hot dogs in American sporting history, with roughly 25,000 sold per game.

In recent years, Dodger fans have been able to enjoy a variety of hot dogs at the stadium, including Super Dogs (all beef), picante dogs (spicy), kosher dogs (courtesy of Hebrew National), and veggie dogs (available upon request in suites and clubs).

While the original Dodger Dog may not be all beef, it remains an iconic part of Dodgers culture and a must-try for any baseball fan visiting Los Angeles.

What Are The Ingredients In A Dodger Dog?

The Dodger Dog is made primarily of pork, with water and salt as additional ingredients. Other ingredients include corn syrup, dextrose, natural flavorings, sodium lactate, sugar, sodium phosphates, sodium diacetate, sodium erythorbate, oleoresin paprika, and sodium nitrite. The hot dog is wrapped in a steamed bun made of enriched wheat flour, which can be a concerning ingredient due to its processing and potential health effects.

It’s worth noting that as of the 2021 MLB season, the Dodger Dogs sold at Dodger Stadium are supplied by Papa Cantella’s in Vernon, California. Previously, they were known as “Farmer John Dodger Dogs.” While the recipe may have changed slightly with the switch in suppliers, the iconic Dodger Dog remains a blend of pork and beef and a beloved part of the Dodger Stadium experience.

How Is The Dodger Dog Prepared?

The Dodger Dog is prepared by grilling or steaming the 10-inch pork wiener and wrapping it in a steamed bun. There are two lines for Dodger Dog vendors: steamed or grilled. The vendors of the grilled dogs are typically located near the back wall of the stadium to avoid overwhelming baseball fans with smoke.

To prepare the grilled Dodger Dog, the hot dog buns are split open along one side only and lightly buttered on both the inside and outside. The buns are then placed on the grill to heat up while the hot dogs are prepared separately. Once the hot dogs are heated through, they are removed from the grill and placed on a plate.

When ready to eat, each hot dog bun is split open, and a grilled hot dog is nestled between slices of avocado and fresh tomato. The hot dog is then topped with Farmers Market Pico de Gallo, pickled onions, fresh herbs, and any additional toppings of choice.

The Dodger Dog has managed to hold off any changes to its original recipe thanks to passionate fans who protested when concessions tried to boil the dogs instead of grilling them in the 1990s. While several toppings and alternate dogs have since been made available for game day fans, the original Dodger Dog remains a fan favorite.

Starting with the 2021 MLB Los Angeles Dodgers season, the iconic “Dodger Dog” is being supplied to Dodger Stadium by Vernon, California-based Papa Cantella’s. So if you’re ever at a Dodgers game and want to try this famous hot dog, now you know how it’s prepared!

Who Supplies The Dodger Dogs To Dodger Stadium?

For decades, Farmer John was the supplier of Dodger Dogs to Dodger Stadium. However, in 2021, the iconic hot dogs are being supplied by a new vendor, Papa Cantella’s. The Vernon-based sausage manufacturer struck a multi-year deal with the Dodgers to supply Dodger Dogs and its premium sausages to the stadium.

Papa Cantella’s is a family-owned local manufacturer that has been producing sausages and hot dogs since 1980. The company boasts over 150 formulas of sausages, hot dogs, specialty meats, prepared entrees, and side dishes. Their reputation for superior quality products made them the perfect partner for the reigning World Series Champions.

According to Dodger Insider blog, more than 100,000 Dodger Dogs have been sold during the club’s first 13 home games in 2021. The new Dodger Dogs are made by Cantella and cost $6.75 at the stadium as of June 2021.

Packaged Dodger Dogs are also available at retail grocery locations throughout Southern California. The iconic stadium favorite hits shelves just in time for Fourth of July barbecues, and fans can get that quality and nostalgic flavor on their own grills this summer.

Other Popular Ballpark Snacks To Try At Dodger Stadium.

While the Dodger Dog may be the most famous snack at Dodger Stadium, there are plenty of other delicious options to try. Here are a few popular choices:

1. Cuban Dog – This 1/4-pound beef dog is topped with smoked ham, pulled pork, melted Swiss cheese, and dill pickles. It’s a flavorful twist on a classic hot dog.

2. Tommy Lasorda’s Pasta Platter – While not technically a hot dog, this dish from Tommy Lasorda’s Trattoria is worth a mention. The penne pasta comes with marinara sauce, meatballs, and Parmesan cheese, and has surprisingly become a fan favorite.

3. Michelada Sausage – This innovative take on a hot dog features a longaniza sausage marinated in Michelada, a Tajín-coated bun, smoked crispy pork belly, chili-lime aioli, and cilantro. It’s a spicy and savory option that pairs perfectly with a Corona.

4. Field Roast Signature Stadium Dog – For those looking for a meatless option, the Field Roast Signature Stadium Dog is a delicious pea protein-based hot dog with a natural smoked flavor.

While the Dodger Dog may be the star of the show, these other snacks are definitely worth trying on your next visit to Dodger Stadium.