Where Does 5 Guys Get Their Beef? A Full Guide

There’s something about a juicy, delicious burger that just hits the spot.

And when it comes to satisfying that craving, few places do it better than Five Guys Burgers and Fries.

But have you ever wondered where they get their beef?

After all, not all burgers are created equal.

In this article, we’ll take a closer look at the sourcing and preparation of the beef used in Five Guys’ famous burgers.

From the quality of the meat to the cooking process, we’ll explore what makes these burgers so darn tasty.

So grab a napkin (or two) and get ready to sink your teeth into some meaty details.

Where Does 5 Guys Get Their Beef?

Five Guys is known for using high-quality ground chuck beef in their burgers. This beef is sourced from only steer and heifer meat, which means there are no cow meat or fatty trimmings included. The company does not use any ammoniated procedures to treat their ground beef.

But where does this beef come from?

Five Guys sources their beef from Scotland, where it is grain finished for a marbled texture that is perfect for patties. This ensures that the meat is of the highest quality and provides a delicious taste that customers have come to expect.

The Quality Of Five Guys’ Beef

Five Guys prides itself on using only the best quality beef for their burgers. The beef used is pure and unadulterated, with no fillers involved. The burgers are made from 80/20 USDA ground beef, which means that 80% of the meat is lean and 20% is fat. This ratio provides the perfect balance of flavor and juiciness for the burgers.

According to a nutritionist, the burger comes in at about 300 calories and 17 grams of fat, all from the beef. There are no added sodium or other harmful additives in their beef. This means that customers can enjoy a delicious burger without worrying about consuming unhealthy ingredients.

Five Guys’ commitment to using fresh, never frozen beef patties made by hand in-house every day is evident in the taste and texture of their burgers. The meat is sourced from US Foods, but only from their sector of the manufacturer, ensuring that it is nearly 100% beef, and the taste reflects that.

The company also takes food safety seriously by cooking all burgers well-done to prevent any risk of foodborne illnesses. While this may disappoint some customers who prefer their burgers cooked to a lower temperature, the freshness of the bun and other ingredients more than make up for it.

Sourcing And Preparation Of The Meat

Five Guys gets their beef from Schweid and Sons, a reputable meat supplier. They use a blend of chuck and sirloin to create the perfect patty. While Schweid and Sons does not sell a straight-up chuck/sirloin mix, Five Guys fakes it by splitting their chuck/sirloin mixture 50/50, which is also recommended by Alton Brown.

To ensure that the meat is fresh and of the highest quality, Five Guys does not have any freezers on site. This means that the meat is purchased fresh and only refrigerated until it is used. The meat is twice ground, which means it is ground once at the packing facility and once in store. However, this is not unique to Five Guys as all grocery meat is ground twice.

Five Guys does not add anything to their meat, such as salt, pepper, or onion powder. It’s just pure meat and bun. This allows the natural flavors of the beef to shine through and provides customers with an authentic burger experience.

The Cooking Process: How Five Guys Achieves That Perfect Burger

Five Guys prides itself on serving well-done burgers to ensure the safety of their customers and reduce the risk of food-borne illnesses. All burgers are cooked to an internal temperature of 160°F, which is the best way to eliminate any harmful bacteria that may be present in the raw meat.

To achieve the perfect burger, Five Guys uses 80/20 ground chuck beef and creates rounded clumps of beef using their hands. The burgers are cooked either on the grill or in a hot skillet until a brown crust has formed around the edges. The patties are then flipped, pressed down with a spatula to flatten, and cooked for an additional 2 minutes. The process is repeated until the burgers are fully cooked.

Yellow or white onions are used to create delicious caramelized onions quickly on the stove top, adding a lot of flavor to the burger. The sesame seed bun is a necessity when creating this copycat, and it should also be slightly sweet in flavor. Before assembling the burgers, the buns are toasted (cut side down) in one of the hot, uncleaned skillets.

Five Guys does not add anything to their beef, but some adventurous customers may choose to add black pepper or a touch of cajun seasoning to the mixture before cooking. While all burgers are served well-done, Five Guys is willing to accommodate customers in other ways at some locations by putting together secret menu items.

The Secret To Five Guys’ Flavorful Patties

The secret to Five Guys’ flavorful patties lies in the blend of ground chuck and sirloin. The company uses an 80/20 blend of chuck and sirloin, respectively, to create the perfect balance of flavor and juiciness. The chuck provides a rich beefy flavor, while the sirloin adds a leaner texture to the patty.

To make their patties, Five Guys creates rounded clumps of beef using their hands and cooks them either on the grill or in a hot skillet until the internal temperature reaches 160 degrees F. They do not add any seasoning to their beef, but you can add black pepper or cajun seasoning to the mixture before cooking for an added kick.

Another key element to their patties is the caramelized onions. Five Guys uses yellow or white onions and quickly caramelizes them on the stove top to add a depth of flavor to their burgers.

Finally, the sesame seed bun is a necessity when creating their burgers. The bun should be slightly sweet in flavor, but not as sweet as Hawaiian sweet rolls. Before assembling the burgers, Five Guys toasts the buns (cut side down) in one of their hot, uncleaned skillets.

By using high-quality beef, the perfect blend of chuck and sirloin, caramelized onions, and a slightly sweet sesame seed bun, Five Guys has created a burger that is both juicy and flavorful. It’s no wonder why customers keep coming back for more.

The Importance Of Freshness In Five Guys’ Burgers

Freshness is key at Five Guys, and it shows in every burger they serve. The chain is committed to using only the freshest ingredients, and this starts with their beef. Unlike many fast food chains that use frozen patties, Five Guys uses only fresh, never frozen beef patties made by hand in-house every day. This means that every burger is made to order, ensuring that it is as fresh as possible.

To maintain this level of freshness, Five Guys has taken a number of steps to ensure that their ingredients are always at their best. For example, the company does not have any freezers in their stores, which means that everything is made fresh each day. This includes not just the burgers themselves, but also the produce that is sliced and chopped to go on top of them.

To further ensure freshness, Five Guys uses wireless freshness sensors to track the temperature of their ingredients. The ComplianceMate temperature-tracking solution, provided by CM Systems, uses active 900 MHz sensors from Point Six Wireless to help ensure that raw ingredients are stored at a safe temperature and are not served if they have exceeded their approved temperature threshold. This means that customers can be confident that they are getting only the freshest ingredients in their burgers.

The commitment to freshness extends beyond just the beef and produce, however. Five Guys also pays close attention to the construction of their burgers to ensure that they are as fresh and delicious as possible. For example, they stack the bacon, mustard, and chile peppers on the bottom against the meat, while the mayo and salad stuff are up top. This helps to keep the bun from getting soggy and ensures that every bite is just as delicious as the first.