Who Owns Matador Beef Jerky? (According To Experts)

Are you a fan of Matador beef jerky? Do you ever wonder who owns the brand and how it came to be?

Look no further, because we’ve got the answers for you.

In this article, we’ll explore the history of Matador beef jerky and the company behind it. From its partnership with Frito-Lay to its sponsorship of action sports events, Matador has become a popular choice for young adults with active lifestyles.

So, let’s dive in and discover who’s behind this delicious and convenient snack.

Who Owns Matador Beef Jerky?

Matador beef jerky is owned by Link Snacks, Inc., a snack company based in the United States. Link Snacks is best known for producing and marketing the Jack Link’s brand of beef jerky, which was founded by John ‘Jack’ Link in 1986.

In 2009, Frito-Lay North America division and Jack Link’s entered into an agreement where Frito-Lay would sell and distribute a new line of meat snacks under the Matador by Jack Link’s brand. This partnership aimed to offer more choices to consumers while delivering growth to both companies.

Since then, Matador beef jerky has become a popular choice for young adults with action-driven lifestyles. The brand features highly differentiated meat stick and jerky products that offer bold new meat snack options.

The History Of Matador Beef Jerky

Matador Beef Jerky was launched in 2009 as a new line of meat snacks under the Jack Link’s brand. The brand was created to offer more choices to consumers, specifically young adults with action-driven lifestyles. Matador beef jerky quickly became popular due to its unique flavor profiles, including Original, Teriyaki, Sizzling Sweet, Smokin’ BBQ, and Peppered.

Within a year of its launch, Matador Beef Jerky introduced three stick flavors and four jerky flavors, expanding its distribution nationwide. In less than two years, Matador had already earned its place as one of the top national meat snack brands.

The brand has undergone some changes over the years. In recent years, Matador Beef Jerky has launched a new logo and package design that better communicates the products’ unique attributes and encourages trial among new consumers. The brand also offers exclusive content through an on-pack quick response code, popular among the smart phone-connected millennial target.

Matador Beef Jerky is distributed by Frito-Lay North America and is available in a variety of retail merchandising solutions, including floor and counter displays, caddies, clip strips, and combination displays featuring both jerky and stick products in the same free-standing unit. Despite these changes, Matador Beef Jerky remains committed to delivering quality products, innovation, brand support, and outstanding customer service to its valuable distribution partners.

Matador’s Partnership With Frito-Lay

The partnership between Matador and Frito-Lay was a significant move for both companies. Frito-Lay’s distribution, sales, and merchandising capabilities combined with Matador’s taste and quality allowed the brand to reach a wider audience. The agreement allowed Frito-Lay to sell and distribute Matador by Jack Link’s meat snacks under the new brand name aimed at young adults with action-driven lifestyles.

The launch of the new line was supported by an integrated action sports platform and dedicated advertising campaign, including sponsorship of the Dew Tour and top athletes in BMX, skateboarding, and snowboarding. The partnership was expected to take the growth of the meat snack market even further, while also delivering growth to both retailers.

Existing Matador retail customers received full sales and distribution coverage through Jack Link’s direct sales and distribution partners until the launch of the new line. All other Jack Link’s products continued to be sold and distributed under the current system via existing distributors, wholesalers, and direct retail customers.

Matador’s Sponsorship Of Action Sports Events

One of the ways Matador beef jerky has established itself as a brand for young adults with action-driven lifestyles is through its sponsorship of action sports events. Matador beef jerky proudly sponsors pro athletes in fields like snowboarding, BMX, and skateboarding. The brand partners with top action sport events, including the Dew Tour, Camp Woodward, and Major League Gaming.

The Dew Tour is a series of five major, multi-sport events that span across the country. Matador beef jerky’s sponsorship of the Dew Tour allows the brand to reach a large audience of action sports enthusiasts. The brand also partners with Camp Woodward, a premier action sports training camp, to support young athletes who are passionate about their sport.

In addition to sponsoring events, Matador beef jerky also sponsors individual athletes. Some of the top athletes sponsored by the brand include Scotty Lago in snowboarding, Dennis Enarson in BMX, and Adam Taylor in skateboarding. By sponsoring these top athletes, Matador beef jerky is able to connect with their fan base and establish itself as a brand that supports the action sports community.