Do Vice Lords Eat Pork? A Complete Guide

If you’ve ever heard of the Vice Lords, you may have wondered about their dietary restrictions.

Are they allowed to eat pork? Do they have any specific mealtime rituals?

As one of the oldest and largest street gangs in Chicago, the Vice Lords have a rich history and culture that includes religious influences.

In this article, we’ll explore the Vice Lords’ dietary practices and delve into their organization and beliefs.

So, let’s find out: do Vice Lords eat pork?

Do Vice Lords Eat Pork?

According to Vice Lords literature, members are not allowed to eat pork. This is based on Islamic dietary restrictions, which the gang has incorporated into their beliefs and practices.

In addition to avoiding pork, Vice Lords are also supposed to pray the Afatia over their meals. They are also required to pray towards Mecca every Friday at 3pm.

It’s important to note that the Vice Lords are not a religious organization, but their literature and practices have been influenced by Islamic teachings.

The History And Beliefs Of The Vice Lords

The Vice Lords gang was founded in 1957 by a group of African American youths who met while incarcerated at the Illinois State Training School for Boys in St. Charles. The name “Vice Lords” was chosen when a gang founder looked up the term in the dictionary and found the meaning as “having a tight hold”. As the original group of Vice Lords were released from incarceration, they quickly began to recruit other youths from their neighborhood and began engaging in conflicts with other “clubs” from various Chicago neighborhoods.

By 1964, the Vice Lords had grown significantly, and law enforcement named them as a primary target for their various illegal activities, including robbery, theft, assaults, battery, intimidation, and extortion. They were noted for their violent behavior and were considered one of Chicago’s oldest gangs.

The Vice Lords are not one enormous gang; rather, they are a symphony of separate autonomous gangs. Members number in the tens of thousands, with groups such as the Conservative Vice Lords, the Unknown Vice Lords, and the Insane Vice Lords. They may now be found in places all around the country.

The gang’s literature is based on Islamic teachings, and members are required to follow certain practices such as avoiding pork and praying towards Mecca every Friday at 3pm. While the Vice Lords are not a religious organization, their literature and practices have been influenced by Islamic teachings.

Symbols associated with the Vice Lords include a pyramid with an eye over it, the Playboy bunny, and a five-pointed star. The star is considered the symbol of the Vice Lord Nation and represents the idea that it’s not what the nation can do for you but what you can do for the nation.

Over time, the Vice Lords evolved from an informal peer group to a multi-state street organization with a stringent hierarchy and constitution. They have been involved in criminal activities such as drug trafficking, owning and operating legitimate and drug businesses, and even securing government and private funds.

Despite being known for their violent tendencies, the Vice Lords have not been defined as a form of organized crime because they have not been able to induce corruption in a significant ongoing way. However, their evolution and criminal activities have shaped and influenced modern-day street gangs throughout the United States.

Religious Influences On Vice Lords’ Dietary Practices

The religious influences on the Vice Lords’ dietary practices stem from Islamic teachings. Islam, like Judaism, has strict dietary laws that forbid the consumption of certain foods, including pork. The Vice Lords have incorporated these dietary restrictions into their gang culture and have made it a rule for members to abstain from eating pork.

It is interesting to note that the Vice Lords are not a religious organization, but their adoption of Islamic dietary laws reflects the gang’s desire for structure and discipline. By following these rules, members are expected to demonstrate their commitment to the gang and its values.

In addition to avoiding pork, the Vice Lords also practice other Islamic customs, such as praying over their meals and praying towards Mecca every Friday at 3pm. These practices further demonstrate the influence of Islam on the gang’s culture and beliefs.

The Role Of Pork In The Vice Lords’ Diet

Pork plays no role in the Vice Lords’ diet, as it is strictly forbidden for members to consume. This prohibition is rooted in the gang’s adoption of Islamic dietary laws, which prohibit the consumption of pork.

The Vice Lords’ literature emphasizes the importance of following these dietary restrictions, along with other practices such as prayer and brotherhood. Members are expected to adhere to these rules as a sign of their commitment to the gang and its values.

While the prohibition on pork may seem arbitrary to outsiders, it serves as a symbol of the Vice Lords’ identity and beliefs. By abstaining from pork and other practices associated with non-Islamic cultures, members are able to distinguish themselves from their rivals and assert their own unique identity.

Other Dietary Restrictions And Mealtime Rituals Of The Vice Lords

Apart from avoiding pork, Vice Lords also have other dietary restrictions and mealtime rituals. Members are encouraged to eat healthy and avoid junk food. They are also advised to limit their sugar and caffeine intake.

During meal times, Vice Lords are expected to sit together and share their food. This is seen as a symbol of unity and brotherhood within the gang. Members are also supposed to wait for everyone to be served before starting to eat.

In addition, Vice Lords have a tradition of pouring out a small amount of their drink as a tribute to their fallen comrades. This is done before taking the first sip of the drink.

Controversies Surrounding The Vice Lords’ Dietary Practices

Despite the Vice Lords’ strict dietary practices, there have been controversies surrounding their adherence to these rules. Some reports suggest that some members do not strictly follow the dietary restrictions and may consume pork.

It’s also important to note that the Vice Lords are not a monolithic organization and there may be variations in their practices from one faction to another. Additionally, some members may not be as devout in their adherence to the gang’s beliefs and may not see breaking dietary restrictions as a major offense.

However, it’s important to understand that the Vice Lords’ dietary practices are not just a matter of personal choice or preference. They are deeply ingrained in the gang’s culture and identity, and breaking these rules can lead to serious consequences, including expulsion from the gang.

Conclusion: Understanding The Vice Lords’ Culture And Beliefs

The Vice Lords gang has a long and complex history, with roots in the civil rights movement and evolving into a highly organized street and prison gang. Their culture and beliefs reflect a mix of African American empowerment and Islamic teachings, as evidenced by their dietary restrictions and prayer practices.

While the Vice Lords are not a religious organization, their incorporation of Islamic teachings into their literature and practices highlights the influence of religion on gang culture. Understanding the Vice Lords’ beliefs and practices can aid researchers and law enforcement in developing strategies to discourage the development of gangs in the future.