How Long To Cook Pork Hocks In Instant Pot? A Detailed Guide

Are you looking for a delicious and easy way to cook pork hocks?

Look no further than your Instant Pot!

This versatile kitchen appliance can help you create tender and flavorful pork hocks in no time.

But how long should you cook them for?

In this article, we’ll explore different cooking times and methods for pork hocks in the Instant Pot.

Whether you’re a seasoned Instant Pot user or a newbie, you’ll find helpful tips and tricks to make the perfect pork hocks every time.

So grab your Instant Pot and let’s get cooking!

How Long To Cook Pork Hocks In Instant Pot?

When it comes to cooking pork hocks in the Instant Pot, there are a few different factors to consider. The size and thickness of the pork hocks, as well as your personal preference for tenderness, will all impact the cooking time.

As a general rule of thumb, you can expect to pressure cook pork hocks for around 45-50 minutes on high pressure. This should result in tender and flavorful meat that falls off the bone.

However, if you prefer your pork hocks to be even more tender, you can increase the cooking time to 60 minutes or more. Just be sure to adjust the amount of liquid and seasonings accordingly, as longer cooking times can result in more evaporation and concentration of flavors.

It’s also important to note that some recipes may call for additional steps before or after pressure cooking, such as blanching or marinating the pork hocks. Be sure to follow the recipe instructions carefully to ensure the best results.

Preparing Pork Hocks For Instant Pot Cooking

Before cooking pork hocks in the Instant Pot, there are a few optional steps you can take to enhance the flavor and texture of the meat. One such step is to blanch the pork hock in boiling water for 3 minutes to clean and remove excess fat. This is especially recommended if you plan on using the pork hock in Chinese soups or master stock dishes.

Once blanched, rinse the pork hock in cold tap water and pat dry. You can then proceed to pressure cook the pork hock in the Instant Pot with your desired seasonings and liquid, such as master stock or water.

After pressure cooking, you may also choose to marinate the pork hock in the cooking liquid for at least 1 hour to further infuse it with flavor. Some recipes may also call for additional steps such as making a garlic sauce or sautéing the meat with potatoes.

It’s important to note that these preparatory steps are optional and may vary depending on the recipe you are following. However, taking these extra steps can result in a more flavorful and tender pork hock when cooked in the Instant Pot.

Cooking Pork Hocks On High Pressure

Cooking pork hocks on high pressure in the Instant Pot is a great way to achieve tender and flavorful meat in a short amount of time. Here’s how to do it:

1. Place the pork hocks on the rack inside the Instant Pot. Add water or broth to the pot, along with any seasonings or aromatics you prefer.

2. Close the lid and set the pressure valve to “Sealing”. Select the “Manual” or “Pressure Cook” function and set the cooking time to 45-50 minutes on high pressure.

3. Once the cooking time is complete, allow for a natural release of pressure for at least 10-15 minutes before manually releasing any remaining pressure.

4. Carefully remove the pork hocks from the Instant Pot and serve as desired.

It’s important to note that the exact cooking time may vary depending on the size and thickness of your pork hocks, so be sure to adjust accordingly. Additionally, you can add more liquid or seasonings as needed to achieve your desired flavor profile.

Cooking Pork Hocks On Low Pressure

If you prefer a more gentle cooking method for your pork hocks, you can try cooking them on low pressure in your Instant Pot. This method will take longer than cooking on high pressure, but it can result in even more tender and flavorful meat.

To cook pork hocks on low pressure, start by adding the pork hocks to the Instant Pot along with any seasonings or liquids called for in your recipe. Then, set the Instant Pot to low pressure and cook for around 90-120 minutes.

It’s important to note that cooking times can vary depending on the size and thickness of your pork hocks, so be sure to check them periodically to ensure they are cooking evenly and not overcooking.

Once the cooking time is complete, allow for a natural release of pressure before opening the Instant Pot. The pork hocks should be tender and falling off the bone, making them perfect for serving with your favorite side dishes or using as an ingredient in soups or stews.

Natural Release Vs. Quick Release

Once the Instant Pot has finished pressure cooking the pork hocks, you have two options for releasing the pressure: natural release or quick release.

A natural release is when you let the pressure release on its own, without doing anything. This method is best for delicate foods, such as meats with bones or stews with vegetables, as it allows the food to continue cooking and absorbing flavors as the pressure decreases. A natural release can take anywhere from 5 to 30 minutes, depending on the ingredients and amount of liquid in the Instant Pot.

On the other hand, a quick release is when you manually release the pressure by turning the venting valve to “Venting”. This method is best for foods that can become overcooked or mushy if left in the Instant Pot too long, such as seafood or pasta dishes. However, be careful when doing a quick release, as hot steam will shoot out of the valve and can burn you if you’re not careful. Always use a long utensil, such as tongs or a wooden spoon, to turn the valve to “Venting”.

In general, it’s recommended to use a natural release for pork hocks in order to ensure that they are cooked evenly and are tender throughout. However, if you’re short on time or prefer a firmer texture, a quick release can be used instead. Just keep in mind that quick releases can affect the texture and flavor of the final dish.

Testing Pork Hocks For Doneness

Testing the doneness of pork hocks is crucial to ensure that they are cooked to perfection. There are several methods that can be used to test the doneness of pork hocks in the Instant Pot.

One of the most accurate methods is to use a meat thermometer. Before pressure cooking the pork hocks, insert a meat thermometer into the thickest part of the meat, making sure it doesn’t touch any bones or fat. Once the cooking time is up, remove the pork hocks from the Instant Pot and check the internal temperature. The temperature should read at least 145°F (63°C) to ensure that the pork hocks are fully cooked.

Another method is to check for tenderness. Use a fork to try to pull off a small piece of meat from the pork hock. If it easily pulls away from the bone, then the pork hocks are done. If they are still tough and stuck to the bone, place them back into the Instant Pot and continue cooking for a few more minutes.

Visual inspection is also an option. Bone-in pork hocks can be checked for doneness by visually looking at them as they cook. The meat will begin to separate from the bones and the bones will move easily as they get done.

Serving Suggestions For Delicious Pork Hocks

Once you’ve cooked your delicious pork hocks in the Instant Pot, it’s time to serve them up and enjoy their savory flavor. Here are some serving suggestions to try out:

1. Serve with sauerkraut: Pork hocks and sauerkraut are a classic German pairing. The tangy and slightly sour flavor of the sauerkraut complements the richness of the pork hocks perfectly.

2. Pair with mashed or roasted potatoes: The starchy goodness of potatoes is a great accompaniment to pork hocks. Whether you prefer creamy mashed potatoes or crispy roasted potatoes, they’ll provide a satisfying contrast to the tender meat.

3. Add some dumplings: If you’re feeling ambitious, try making some homemade dumplings to go with your pork hocks. They’ll soak up all the delicious juices and add an extra layer of texture to the dish.

4. Make a gravy: If you’re looking for a sauce to go with your pork hocks, try making a simple gravy using the cooking liquid from the Instant Pot. Just thicken it up with some flour or cornstarch and season to taste.

5. Serve with a side salad: If you’re looking for something lighter to balance out the richness of the pork hocks, try serving them with a fresh green salad. A cucumber salad or coleslaw would be particularly refreshing.

No matter how you choose to serve your pork hocks, they’re sure to be a crowd-pleaser at any meal. So fire up your Instant Pot and get cooking!