What Do You Put On Pulled Pork Tacos? (Explained By Experts)

Pulled pork tacos are a delicious and versatile meal that can be customized to your liking. Whether you prefer a classic combination of cheese, avocado, and sour cream, or want to experiment with toppings like pickled red onions, cilantro slaw, or hot sauce, the possibilities are endless.

In this article, we’ll explore some of the best toppings for pulled pork tacos and provide tips for making them at home. So grab your tortillas and get ready to create a mouthwatering meal that will satisfy your cravings for Mexican cuisine.

What Do You Put On Pulled Pork Tacos?

When it comes to pulled pork tacos, the toppings you choose can make all the difference. Here are some of our favorite options:

1. Cheese – Shredded cheddar, Mexican shredded blend, or crumbled cotija cheese are all great choices.

2. Avocado – Sliced avocado or guacamole add a creamy texture and delicious flavor.

3. Cilantro – Fresh cilantro leaves add a pop of color and a bright, herbaceous flavor.

4. Pickled red onions – Tangy and slightly sweet, pickled red onions are a great way to add some acidity to your tacos.

5. Hot sauce – Whether you prefer a mild salsa or a spicy habanero sauce, hot sauce is a must-have for any taco lover.

6. Cabbage slaw – A simple slaw made with thinly sliced red cabbage, lime juice, and cilantro adds crunch and freshness to your tacos.

7. Tomatoes – Diced tomatoes or pico de gallo add a juicy sweetness to your tacos.

8. Jalapenos – Sliced jalapenos add some heat and a crunchy texture to your tacos.

9. Radishes – Fresh or pickled radishes add a peppery bite and a beautiful pop of color to your tacos.

10. Lettuce – Shredded lettuce adds some extra crunch and freshness to your tacos.

Classic Toppings For Pulled Pork Tacos

When it comes to classic toppings for pulled pork tacos, there are a few go-to options that never disappoint. Let’s take a closer look at these traditional toppings:

1. Cilantro Lime Slaw – This crunchy slaw made with thinly sliced cabbage, lime juice, and fresh cilantro is the perfect complement to rich and spiced pulled pork.

2. Avocado Crema – Creamy and tangy, avocado crema made with ripe avocados, sour cream, and lime juice is a crowd-pleaser that adds a delicious texture to your tacos.

3. Red Onions – Finely chopped or thinly sliced red onions add a sweet and tangy flavor to your tacos.

4. Lime Juice – A squeeze of fresh lime juice adds a bright acidity that cuts through the richness of the pork.

5. Extra Cilantro – For those who love cilantro, adding extra fresh leaves on top of your tacos can take the flavor to the next level.

6. Pickled Jalapenos – If you like some heat, pickled jalapenos are a great addition that adds some tanginess and crunch to your tacos.

7. Salsa – Whether you prefer mild or spicy salsa, this classic topping is a must-have for any taco lover.

8. Corn Tortillas – The foundation of any good taco, corn tortillas provide a perfect vessel for all of your favorite toppings.

By using these classic toppings, you can create delicious pulled pork tacos that are sure to impress. Whether you’re hosting a party or just cooking for yourself, these toppings are easy to find and easy to customize to your liking.

Creative Toppings To Elevate Your Tacos

If you’re looking to take your pulled pork tacos to the next level, try incorporating some of these creative toppings:

1. Pineapple – Diced fresh pineapple adds a sweet and tangy flavor that pairs perfectly with the spiced pork.

2. Mango – Like pineapple, diced fresh mango adds a sweet and tangy flavor that complements the pork.

3. Queso fresco – This crumbly Mexican cheese adds a salty, tangy flavor and a creamy texture to your tacos.

4. Fried onions – Crispy fried onions add a delicious crunch and a savory flavor to your tacos.

5. Chipotle mayo – This smoky and slightly spicy mayo adds a creamy and flavorful kick to your tacos.

6. Black beans – Adding some black beans to your tacos not only adds some extra protein, but also a delicious earthy flavor.

7. Roasted corn – Roasted corn kernels add a sweet and smoky flavor that pairs perfectly with the pork.

8. Salsa verde – This tangy and slightly spicy salsa made with tomatillos adds a bright pop of flavor to your tacos.

9. Cotija cheese – Similar to feta, crumbled cotija cheese adds a salty and tangy flavor that pairs well with the pork.

10. Cucumber – Thinly sliced cucumbers add a refreshing crunch and a light flavor that balances out the richness of the pork.

With these creative toppings, you can elevate your pulled pork tacos from delicious to unforgettable. Experiment with different combinations to find your perfect taco topping mix.

How To Make Homemade Pulled Pork For Tacos

Making homemade pulled pork for tacos is easier than you might think. Here’s a step-by-step guide:

1. Choose your pork – Pork shoulder is the best cut of meat for pulled pork tacos. Look for a boneless roast that weighs around 3-4 pounds.

2. Season the pork – Rub the pork all over with salt and pepper, or create a spice rub using chili powder, cumin, and other seasonings.

3. Slow cook the pork – Place the seasoned pork in a slow cooker with onion, garlic, and orange juice. Cook on low for 10 hours or on high for 7 hours until the pork is tender enough to shred.

4. Shred the pork – Remove the pork from the slow cooker and let it cool slightly. Shred it using two forks, discarding any excess fat.

5. Optional step – Skim off any fat from the juices remaining in the slow cooker and discard. Reduce the liquid down to about 2 cups if you have more than that.

6. Assemble your tacos – Warm up some tortillas and add your shredded pork along with any toppings you like.

With these simple steps, you can make delicious pulled pork tacos right at home.

Tips For Assembling The Perfect Pulled Pork Taco

Now that you have an idea of the different toppings you can use for your pulled pork tacos, here are some tips to help you assemble the perfect taco:

1. Start with a warm tortilla – Whether you prefer a soft flour tortilla or a crispy corn tortilla, make sure it’s warmed up before adding your toppings. This will prevent the tortilla from breaking or tearing as you assemble your taco.

2. Layer your ingredients – Start with the pulled pork as the base, then add your toppings in layers. This will help distribute the flavors evenly throughout your taco.

3. Don’t overfill – It can be tempting to pile on all your favorite toppings, but be careful not to overfill your taco. This can make it difficult to eat and cause the ingredients to spill out.

4. Add some acidity – Pulled pork can be rich and fatty, so adding some acidity can help balance out the flavors. Try adding pickled red onions or a squeeze of lime juice.

5. Mix up textures – To make your taco more interesting, try mixing up the textures of your toppings. For example, add some crunchy cabbage slaw to contrast with the tender pulled pork.

6. Add some heat – If you like spicy food, don’t be afraid to add some jalapenos or hot sauce to your taco. Just be sure to taste as you go and adjust the heat level to your liking.

7. Garnish with fresh herbs – A sprinkle of fresh cilantro or chopped parsley can add a burst of flavor and freshness to your taco.

By following these tips and experimenting with different combinations of toppings, you can create a pulled pork taco that is both delicious and satisfying.

Pairing Suggestions For Pulled Pork Tacos

Pairing the right side dishes with pulled pork tacos can elevate the flavor and experience of your meal. Here are some of our favorite pairing suggestions:

1. Mexican coleslaw – This classic side dish is perfect for adding some crunch and tanginess to your tacos. Made with cabbage, lime juice, and cilantro, it pairs perfectly with pulled pork.

2. Loaded baked potato salad – For a heartier side dish, try a loaded baked potato salad. It’s made with all the classic baked potato toppings like bacon, cheddar cheese, and sour cream, but in a salad form.

3. Mango Pico de Gallo – Add some sweetness to your tacos with this refreshing mango pico de gallo. It’s made with fresh mango, red onion, jalapeno, and lime juice.

4. Salsa verde – A tangy and slightly spicy salsa verde is a great choice for dipping your tacos or drizzling over them.

5. Mexican rice – Also known as Spanish rice, this flavorful side dish is a staple in Mexican cuisine. It’s made with rice, tomato sauce, and spices like cumin and chili powder.

6. Cucumber and tomato salad – For a lighter side dish option, try a cucumber and tomato salad. It’s made with fresh cucumbers, tomatoes, red onion, and a simple vinaigrette dressing.

7. Crunchy slaw – Similar to Mexican coleslaw, this slaw adds some crunch and tanginess to your tacos. It’s made with cabbage, carrots, and a creamy dressing.

8. German potato salad – If you’re looking for a mayo-free potato salad option, try German potato salad. It’s made with vinegar and mustard dressing and is perfect for summer BBQs.

With these pairing suggestions, you can create a well-rounded and delicious meal that will impress your guests or satisfy your cravings.