Where Is Appleton Farms Bacon Made? The Key Facts

Are you a fan of Appleton Farms bacon? Do you ever wonder where it comes from?

Look no further! In this article, we’ll explore the origins of this delicious bacon and the company behind it.

From its unique flavors to its availability in Aldi stores, we’ll uncover everything you need to know about Appleton Farms bacon.

So sit back, relax, and get ready to learn about the mouth-watering bacon that has captured the hearts of many.

Where Is Appleton Farms Bacon Made?

Appleton Farms bacon is made in Elkhart, Indiana, which is located in the Midwest region of the United States. The bacon is produced by Swift Prepared Foods, a company that was formerly known as Plumrose USA.

In 2017, Plumrose USA changed its name to Swift Prepared Foods and was later acquired by JBS USA, a Colorado-based corporation. Despite the changes in ownership and branding, Swift Prepared Foods continues to operate as a separate entity and produces its bacon in Elkhart.

Interestingly, Elkhart is located only 150 miles away from Aldi’s US headquarters in Batavia, Illinois. This proximity has led some to speculate that Aldi may continue to partner with Swift for their bacon production.

The History Of Appleton Farms Bacon

The history of Appleton Farms bacon is intertwined with the history of Appleton Farms itself. As one of the oldest continuously operating farms in the country, Appleton Farms has a rich agricultural history that spans nearly four centuries and nine generations of the Appleton family.

In recent years, Appleton Farms has expanded beyond traditional farming to include a Community Supported Agriculture program and a farm store that sells artisanal cheeses, butter, yogurt, beef, and eggs. It was through this expansion that Appleton Farms began producing their own brand of bacon.

Appleton Farms bacon is made using traditional methods and high-quality ingredients. The pork used in the bacon is sourced from small family farms that prioritize animal welfare and sustainability. The bacon is then cured using a blend of salt, sugar, and spices before being smoked over real hardwood for a rich, smoky flavor.

Since its introduction, Appleton Farms bacon has become a favorite among bacon lovers for its quality and taste. It is now sold exclusively at Aldi stores across the United States.

The Ingredients And Production Process

Appleton Farms bacon is made using a wet curing process that involves a mixture of traditional curing ingredients like salt, sugar, sodium nitrite, and other seasonings. The brine is either used to soak the bacon or injected into the meat. This process is known as immersion curing or pumping, respectively. After curing, the bacon can be smoked for enhanced flavor and preservation.

However, for commercially produced bacon, the cured pork is often placed in a convection oven for around six hours or more. This process is faster than smoking, which can take multiple days. Liquid smoke may be added to help the meat achieve a smoky flavor when it’s heated in an oven rather than smoked.

Industrial processes of curing bacon result in bacon that is higher in moisture and generally lower in flavor intensity. The added moisture increases the weight of the bacon, which increases the cost of the bacon. In contrast, dry-cured bacon may be more expensive per pound but provides more meat and flavor.

It’s important to note that commercial bacon-making methods are aimed at mass production rather than exceptional quality. Therefore, it’s essential to know what you’re buying and to read the label carefully to ensure that you’re getting the best quality bacon possible.

The Unique Flavors Of Appleton Farms Bacon

Appleton Farms Premium Sliced Bacon from Aldi has a unique flavor that sets it apart from other bacon brands. The bacon is marbled with just the right amount of fat, giving it a perfect balance of salty and savory flavors. The hint of smoke adds an extra layer of depth to the taste, making it a delicious addition to any meal.

One of the standout features of Appleton Farms bacon is its even slices. Unlike other brands that may fall apart or cook unevenly, Appleton Farms bacon slices are easy to pull apart and cook up evenly. This makes cooking with it a breeze and ensures that each slice is cooked to perfection.

Another great thing about Appleton Farms bacon is that it can be cooked using a variety of methods. Whether you prefer to pan fry or air fry your bacon, it will come out crispy and delicious every time. And while the bacon does shrink slightly during cooking, this is a common occurrence with most bacon brands.

Availability In Aldi Stores

Aldi offers a variety of bacon options under the Appleton Farms, Never Any, and Ole Carolina labels. However, not all types of bacon are available in every Aldi store. The availability of the bacon depends on the location and the acceptance of the product in that area.

Appleton Farms Premium Sliced Bacon is a Regular Buy at Aldi, meaning it is available in stores all the time. Other cuts of bacon may be available on a seasonal or limited basis, depending on their popularity with customers.

It’s important to note that Aldi reserves the right to limit quantities sold and prices and labels may vary by location. It’s always best to check with your local Aldi store to see what types of bacon they have available.

Cooking Tips And Recipes For Appleton Farms Bacon

Appleton Farms Premium Sliced Bacon from Aldi is a delicious and versatile ingredient that can be used in a variety of recipes. Here are some cooking tips and recipe ideas to help you make the most of this tasty bacon:

1. Oven-Baked Bacon: For the crispiest and most evenly cooked bacon, try baking it in the oven. Preheat your oven to 350 degrees Fahrenheit and line a baking sheet with parchment paper or aluminum foil. Lay the bacon strips on the sheet and bake for 10-15 minutes, flipping halfway through, until the bacon is crispy and browned to your liking.

2. Bacon-Wrapped Appetizers: Use Appleton Farms bacon to add flavor and crunch to your favorite appetizers. Try wrapping bacon around dates, shrimp, or asparagus spears, then bake or grill until crispy.

3. BLT Sandwiches: A classic bacon, lettuce, and tomato sandwich is always a crowd-pleaser. Toast some bread, spread on some mayo, add crispy bacon, fresh lettuce, and juicy tomato slices for a delicious lunch or dinner option.

4. Bacon-Wrapped Meatloaf: Take your meatloaf game to the next level by wrapping it in bacon before baking. Mix ground beef with breadcrumbs, egg, spices, and chopped onions and peppers, then shape into a loaf and wrap with bacon strips. Bake until cooked through and serve with mashed potatoes and green beans for a hearty meal.

5. Bacon-Wrapped Brussels Sprouts: Roasted Brussels sprouts are delicious on their own, but wrapping them in bacon takes them to another level. Cut Brussels sprouts in half and wrap each half with a slice of Appleton Farms bacon. Roast in the oven until crispy and caramelized for a tasty side dish.

No matter how you choose to use it, Appleton Farms Premium Sliced Bacon from Aldi is sure to add flavor and texture to any dish. Give it a try today!