Who Makes Aldi Bacon? A Full Guide

Are you a fan of Aldi’s delicious bacon? Have you ever wondered who is responsible for producing this mouth-watering meat?

Well, you’re in luck! In this article, we’ll dive into the world of Aldi bacon and explore the different brands that supply it.

From unique flavors to no-artificial-ingredient options, Aldi offers a variety of bacon choices that are sure to satisfy any bacon lover’s cravings.

So, let’s get started and uncover the mystery behind who makes Aldi bacon.

Who Makes Aldi Bacon?

Contrary to popular belief, Aldi does not manufacture its own bacon. Instead, the company relies on trusted farms to produce the bacon that is sold in its stores.

Aldi works closely with these farms to ensure that they meet the company’s high standards for quality and taste. The brand has a team of quality assurance experts who carefully vet each farm to ensure that they are up to par.

One of the brands that supplies Aldi with bacon is Appleton Farms. This brand offers a range of unique flavors and even has options that are made without any artificial ingredients. However, not all of Appleton Farms’ bacon products are available in every Aldi store. Availability depends on the location and the acceptance of the product in that area.

Other brands that supply Aldi with bacon include Never Any and Ole Caroline. Each brand offers its own unique take on this beloved meat, giving Aldi customers plenty of options to choose from.

The History Of Aldi Bacon

The history of Aldi bacon is closely tied to the company’s overall philosophy of offering high-quality products at affordable prices. Aldi has been in business for over 100 years, and during that time, the company has developed a reputation for providing customers with great value.

When it comes to bacon, Aldi has always been committed to offering a wide variety of options at competitive prices. The company has worked with various suppliers over the years to ensure that its customers have access to some of the best bacon on the market.

One of the most popular suppliers of Aldi bacon is Appleton Farms. This brand has been producing high-quality bacon for over 50 years, and its products are known for their great taste and texture. Appleton Farms is also committed to using only the best ingredients, which is why its bacon is so popular among Aldi shoppers.

Another supplier of Aldi bacon is Never Any. This brand offers a range of different bacon options, including uncured and nitrate-free varieties. Never Any is committed to using only natural ingredients and raising its animals in a humane and sustainable way.

Ole Caroline is another supplier of Aldi bacon. This brand offers a range of different flavors, including hickory smoked and applewood smoked. Ole Caroline is committed to using only high-quality ingredients and producing bacon that is both flavorful and nutritious.

The Different Brands That Supply Aldi Bacon

There are several brands that supply Aldi with bacon, each with its own unique offerings. One of the most popular brands is Appleton Farms, which offers a variety of flavors including Hickory Smoked, Maple, Peppercorn, and Applewood. What sets Appleton Farms apart is that some of their bacon products are made without any artificial ingredients, making them a healthier option for consumers.

Another brand that supplies Aldi with bacon is Never Any. This brand specializes in offering preservative-free meats that are free from antibiotics and added hormones. Their bacon is no exception and is a great option for those who are health-conscious.

Ole Caroline is another brand that supplies Aldi with bacon. Their bacon is known for being thick-cut and flavorful, making it a great addition to any breakfast or brunch table.

Unique Flavors Of Aldi Bacon

If you’re a bacon lover, you’ll be pleased to know that Aldi offers a variety of unique bacon flavors. One of the standout brands is Appleton Farms, which offers a range of gourmet bacon options. One of the most popular options is the Gourmet Thick Sliced bacon, which comes in maple and peppered flavors. This bacon is part of the gourmet bacon list available at Aldi and is sold in two options, 24 oz for $6.50 or 12 oz for $3.50.

Another great option from Appleton Farms is the Gourmet Butcher Sliced Center Cut Bacon. This bacon is lean but still packs a flavorful punch, with a thick-cut texture that customers rave about. It’s also affordable, with a 12 oz package selling for just $3.50.

For those who like to mix things up, Appleton Farms also offers a range of flavored bacon options. These include peppercorn, maple, hickory-smoked, and applewood flavors, all of which are made with high-quality ingredients and offer a unique taste experience. Each flavor can be found on each slice of bacon, making it perfect for a brunch spread. The flavored bacon is also priced affordably at $6.50 for a 24 oz package.

If you’re looking for lower sodium options, Aldi has you covered as well. Appleton Farms offers lower sodium bacon that is packaged differently than their other products. The price tag is based on weight, including the weight of the package, so be sure to check the label carefully before purchasing. This bacon sells for as low as $3 for a 16 oz package.

Finally, for those who are short on time or prefer fully cooked bacon, Aldi offers fully cooked bacon options that are quick and convenient. While the quality may not be quite as high as uncooked bacon, it’s an affordable and easy option that’s perfect for busy mornings or unexpected guests. A 2 oz package sells for just $2.50.

No-Artificial-Ingredient Options Of Aldi Bacon

For those who are health-conscious and prefer to avoid artificial ingredients, Aldi has options for you. One of the brands that supplies Aldi with bacon, Appleton Farms, offers bacon that is made without any artificial ingredients. This means that you can enjoy the delicious taste of bacon without worrying about consuming harmful additives.

Appleton Farms’ no-artificial-ingredient bacon comes in a variety of unique flavors, making it a great option for those who want to try something new. However, it’s important to note that not all of Appleton Farms’ bacon products are available in every Aldi store.

If you’re looking for a specific type of no-artificial-ingredient bacon from Appleton Farms, it’s best to check with your local Aldi store to see if they carry it. Alternatively, you can try other brands that supply Aldi with bacon, such as Never Any and Ole Caroline, to see if they offer similar options.

How Aldi Bacon Compares To Other Brands

When it comes to comparing Aldi bacon to other brands, there are a few factors to consider. One of the most important factors is price. Aldi offers a range of bacon options at competitive prices, including thick-cut, preservative-free, and lower sodium options. However, it’s worth noting that some customers may find the bacon to be excessively fatty.

In terms of price comparison, Walmart’s Great Value bacon is priced similarly to Aldi’s Appleton Farms bacon. However, Costco’s Kirkland Signature bacon offers a much leaner option at a lower price per ounce.

Another factor to consider is flavor. Aldi’s Appleton Farms brand offers a range of unique flavors, including hickory smoked, maple, and applewood. Customers looking for more traditional bacon flavors may prefer other brands.

Where To Find Aldi Bacon And How To Cook It Perfectly

If you’re looking to buy Aldi bacon, you can find it in the refrigerated meat section of your local Aldi store. They offer a variety of bacon options, from thick cut to preservative-free to lower sodium. They even have turkey bacon if you prefer a non-pork option.

Once you have your Aldi bacon, it’s important to cook it perfectly to bring out its full flavor potential. For fatty bacon, oven cooking is recommended. Preheat your oven to 350 degrees and use a rack on a cookie sheet or create a makeshift rack with some rolled up foil. Lay the bacon out on the sheet in one layer and bake for about 10 minutes (15 for thick sliced) before flipping the pieces over. Cook for another 10 (again, 15 for thick), watching closely in the last 5 minutes or so since it all depends on thickness.

If you prefer a leaner bacon, you can also cook it on the stovetop. Heat a skillet over medium heat and add your bacon slices. Cook for about 2-3 minutes per side or until crispy and golden brown.

No matter how you choose to cook your Aldi bacon, be sure to enjoy it with your favorite breakfast foods or in any dish that calls for this delicious meat.