Who Makes Appleton Farms Bacon? A Full Guide

Are you a fan of bacon? Do you love the crispy, savory taste of this breakfast staple?

If so, you may have come across Appleton Farms bacon during your grocery shopping trips. But have you ever wondered who makes this delicious bacon?

In this article, we’ll explore the origins of Appleton Farms bacon and the company behind it. From its humble beginnings to its current status as a popular brand, we’ll delve into the history and production of this beloved breakfast food.

So sit back, relax, and get ready to learn all about who makes Appleton Farms bacon.

Who Makes Appleton Farms Bacon?

Appleton Farms bacon is a popular brand of bacon that can be found in many grocery stores across the United States. But who exactly is responsible for producing this delicious breakfast food?

The company behind Appleton Farms bacon is based in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. The company was founded in 2017 and has since become a well-known name in the bacon industry.

While the company itself may be relatively new, its CEO has an impressive background in both arts and architecture. This unique combination of skills has undoubtedly contributed to the success of Appleton Farms bacon.

The History Of Appleton Farms Bacon

Appleton Farms bacon is produced by a company that is separate from the historic Appleton Farms in Ipswich, Massachusetts. The farm, which is owned and maintained by The Trustees of Reservations, is America’s oldest working farm and has been in operation for over 370 years. In 1998, The Trustees of Reservations assumed responsibility for the farm and renovated the 200-year-old house with green technology, restoring it to its Georgian essence.

While the bacon company and the farm are not directly related, they do share a common name. It is unclear whether the bacon company was named after the historic farm, or if it was simply a coincidence.

Regardless of its origins, Appleton Farms bacon has become a popular choice for bacon lovers across the United States. The bacon is known for its nice marbling, good meat to fat balance, and hint of smoke. Its slices are even and easy to handle, making it a great choice for cooking in the oven or on the stove top.

The Production Process Of Appleton Farms Bacon

The production process of Appleton Farms bacon is carefully designed to ensure the highest quality product. The bacon is made from premium pork belly that is carefully selected and trimmed to remove any excess fat.

Once the pork belly has been trimmed, it is then cured using a special blend of salt, sugar, and spices. This curing process helps to enhance the flavor and texture of the bacon.

After the curing process is complete, the bacon is smoked using real hickory wood chips. This gives the bacon its signature smoky flavor that so many people love.

Once the smoking process is complete, the bacon is sliced and packaged for distribution. The slices are carefully inspected to ensure that they meet the company’s high standards for quality and consistency.

Ingredients Used In Appleton Farms Bacon

When it comes to the ingredients used in Appleton Farms bacon, they are carefully chosen to ensure a high-quality and delicious product. The bacon is made with pork that has been cured with water, salt, sodium phosphate, brown sugar, sodium erythorbate, and sodium nitrite. These ingredients work together to give the bacon its signature flavor and texture.

One thing to note is that Appleton Farms offers two different types of sliced bacon: one in a cardboard box and one premium sliced bacon. According to a taste test conducted by a popular food blog, the premium sliced bacon came out on top in terms of taste and texture. It was found to cook up crisply in both pan-fried and air-fried methods.

In addition to pork, Appleton Farms also offers turkey bacon. The turkey bacon is made with mechanically separated turkey, turkey, water, sugar, salt, potassium lactate, natural smoke flavor, and various other seasonings.

Where To Find Appleton Farms Bacon

If you’re looking to try Appleton Farms bacon for yourself, you’re in luck! This brand of bacon is widely available at many grocery stores across the United States, including ALDI.

In fact, Appleton Farms bacon is an Aldi Regular Buy, meaning it’s available in stores all the time. So if you have an ALDI near you, be sure to check out their meat section to find this delicious bacon.

But even if you don’t have an ALDI nearby, you may still be able to find Appleton Farms bacon at other grocery stores. It’s always a good idea to check with your local supermarket to see if they carry this brand of bacon.

In addition to brick-and-mortar stores, you can also find Appleton Farms bacon online. Many online retailers, including Amazon, offer this brand of bacon for sale.

No matter where you choose to shop, be sure to keep an eye out for Appleton Farms bacon. With its delicious flavor and high quality, it’s sure to become a staple in your breakfast routine.

Reviews And Feedback On Appleton Farms Bacon

When it comes to Appleton Farms bacon, there are a lot of mixed reviews and feedback from customers. Some customers have praised the brand for its quality and taste, while others have criticized it for its price and shrinkage.

One customer who reviewed the bacon on a blog said that they enjoyed the even slices and easy preparation of the bacon. They also noted that the bacon had a good meat to fat balance and a hint of smoke, making it a great addition to any meal.

However, another customer on a different blog criticized the price of the bacon, stating that it was more expensive than other name brand options available at local grocery stores. They also mentioned that they preferred to stock up on cheaper options when they were on sale and freeze them until needed.

Despite these mixed reviews, Appleton Farms bacon has consistently been named one of the best bacon brands available at Aldi grocery stores. Customers have praised the brand for its taste, variety, and affordability compared to other brands.

While some customers have had negative experiences with Appleton Farms bacon, it seems that overall the brand has a good reputation among bacon lovers. Whether you prefer to splurge on high-quality bacon or stick to more affordable options, Appleton Farms is definitely worth trying out for yourself.

Conclusion: Why Appleton Farms Bacon Is A Popular Choice For Bacon Lovers

There are several reasons why Appleton Farms bacon has become such a popular choice for bacon lovers. One of the main reasons is the quality of the product. Appleton Farms bacon is made without any artificial ingredients, which means that it offers a real and authentic bacon experience. The bacon is also marbled, which gives it a good balance of meat and fat, resulting in a delicious and savory flavor.

Another reason why Appleton Farms bacon is so popular is its availability. The brand can be found in many grocery stores across the United States, making it easy for consumers to purchase and enjoy. Additionally, Aldi, one of the largest grocery store chains that carries Appleton Farms bacon, offers it under different store labels, making it easy for buyers to find exactly what they are looking for.

Finally, Appleton Farms bacon is reasonably priced, making it an affordable choice for consumers who want high-quality bacon without breaking the bank. This combination of quality, availability, and affordability has made Appleton Farms bacon a favorite among bacon lovers across the country.