Does Honey Baked Ham Sell Bones? A Complete Guide

Are you a fan of Honey Baked Ham, but don’t want to splurge on a whole ham or pricey sliced packets?

Well, did you know that you can actually buy just the ham bone?

That’s right, for a fraction of the cost, you can still enjoy the delicious flavor and meaty goodness of Honey Baked Ham.

But is this option widely available?

In this article, we’ll explore whether or not Honey Baked Ham stores sell bones and what you need to know before heading out to buy one.

So, let’s get started!

Does Honey Baked Ham Sell Bones?

The answer is yes, Honey Baked Ham stores do sell ham bones. However, it’s important to note that this option may not be available at all locations.

According to some sources, Honey Baked Ham stores receive ham bones based on how much they mess up on hams. If there is a bad ham, they would cut off the meat and sell the bone. But this doesn’t happen very often.

So, if you’re interested in buying a ham bone, it’s recommended that you call your local Honey Baked Ham store first to see if they have any in stock.

It’s also worth noting that the price of a ham bone is significantly cheaper than buying a whole or half ham. In some areas, the cost can be as low as $5.99.

The Benefits Of Buying A Ham Bone

There are several benefits to buying a ham bone. First and foremost, the bone itself adds a depth of flavor to dishes that cannot be replicated with boneless ham. The bone contains marrow, which when cooked, releases a rich and savory flavor into soups, stews, and stocks. In fact, many traditional recipes call specifically for a ham bone to be used for this reason.

Additionally, buying a ham bone is a cost-effective way to add flavor to your meals. As mentioned earlier, the price of a ham bone is significantly cheaper than buying a whole or half ham. This means that you can add the flavor of ham to your dishes without breaking the bank.

Another benefit of buying a ham bone is that it’s a sustainable option. Instead of throwing away the leftover bones from your meal, you can use them to create new dishes and reduce waste in your kitchen.

Lastly, buying a ham bone allows for versatility in cooking. You can use the bone to make soups, stews, and stocks, or you can even roast it on its own and enjoy the flavorful meat that remains.

Availability Of Honey Baked Ham Bones

If you’re looking to purchase a Honey Baked Ham bone, it’s important to note that not all locations may have them in stock. While some sources suggest that stores may receive bones from bad hams, this is a rare occurrence. It’s recommended that you call your local Honey Baked Ham store first to see if they currently have ham bones available for purchase.

However, if you are able to find a store that sells ham bones, it’s worth noting that they are significantly cheaper than buying a whole or half ham. In some areas, the cost can be as low as $5.99. This makes it a great option if you’re looking to add some flavor to soups or stews, or if you’re on a budget but still want to enjoy the delicious taste of Honey Baked Ham.

How To Purchase A Honey Baked Ham Bone

If you’ve decided to purchase a Honey Baked Ham bone, here are the steps you should take:

1. Check if your local Honey Baked Ham store sells ham bones: As mentioned earlier, not all stores may have ham bones in stock. It’s best to call ahead and ask if they have any available.

2. Decide on the quantity: Do you need just one bone or multiple? Make sure to let the store know how many you’re looking for so they can check their inventory.

3. Ask about pricing: The cost of a ham bone varies depending on location. Some stores may offer a discount if you purchase multiple bones. Make sure to ask about pricing before making your purchase.

4. Pick up your ham bone: Once you’ve confirmed availability and pricing, head to the store to pick up your ham bone(s). The staff will be able to assist you with any additional questions or concerns.

It’s important to note that while a ham bone may not have as much meat as a whole or half ham, it can still be used for various recipes such as soups, stews, and broths. Plus, purchasing a ham bone is a cost-effective way to enjoy the delicious flavor of Honey Baked Ham without breaking the bank.

Ideas For Using A Honey Baked Ham Bone

If you’re lucky enough to get your hands on a honey baked ham bone, there are plenty of delicious ways to put it to use. Here are some ideas:

1. Ham and Bean Soup: One of the most classic uses for a ham bone is to make a hearty pot of ham and bean soup. Soak some dried beans overnight, then simmer them with the ham bone, vegetables, and seasonings until everything is tender and flavorful.

2. Roasted Vegetable Minestrone Soup: Another delicious soup option is to use the ham bone to make a roasted vegetable minestrone soup. Roast a variety of veggies in the oven, then add them to a pot with some broth, beans, pasta, and the ham bone. Let everything simmer together until it’s thick and hearty.

3. Ham and Cheese Biscuits: For a savory breakfast or brunch option, try making ham and cheese biscuits with your leftover ham bone. Stuff tender biscuits with smoked honey ham and shredded cheese for a delicious handheld meal.

4. Smoky Greens: If you’re looking for a side dish to go with your main course, consider using the ham bone to flavor some smoky greens. Collard greens or kale simmered with the ham bone will be packed with rich flavor.

5. Ham Stock: Finally, if you don’t have time to make a full recipe with your ham bone right away, consider simmering it into a rich and smoky ham stock. Use it as a base for soups, stews, or any recipe that calls for chicken or beef stock.

Conclusion: Is Buying A Honey Baked Ham Bone Worth It?