Can You Eat Conecuh Sausage Raw?

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How should I prepare Conecuh sausage?

Conecuh sausage is a hot andouille sausage variety made with seasonings and pork and beef. It is a smoked, strongly seasoned beef that can be consumed either raw or cooked. According to several cooking blogs, you can cook Conecugh sausage as follows: Start the fire in your smoker (or use an electric indoor grill) and, if you want more flavor, add some wet hardwood chips.

Pork sausage known as conecuh is often smoked and cooked over the stove. The preparation method entails frying, grilling, or pan cooking the meat.

The sausages should be put in a pan or skillet. To ensure even cooking, turn the sausages frequently using a spatula or pair of tongs. The sausages should be cooked for 14 to 16 minutes, or until browned on both sides.

Inside, you can either bake the smoked sausage for 20 minutes at 400 degrees Fahrenheit or pan fry it in oil for 6 to 10 minutes over medium heat.

Is Conecuh sausage also edible raw? The majority of them can be eaten because they have been smoked, however it is essential to heat them to kill any bacteria. Actually, all of your questions can be resolved by reading the packaging’s directions. Although most supermarket sausages can be consumed raw, frying them enhances their flavor.

One of the most well-known businesses in the county, Conecuh Sausage, has a Facebook post explaining how to pronounce the name: “The word “Conecuh” is pronounced “cah-NECK-ah,” emphasizing the second syllable.”

After processing, cooked sausages including wieners, knockwurst, cooked bratwurst, and smoked sausage just need to be heated (to the appropriate temperature). To steam precooked sausage, heat up a pan of water or beer to a rolling boil.

The history of Alabama’s preferred sausage and recipes using it

After cutting open a packet of Conecuh Original Sausage, the aroma of hickory smoke rises to your nose.

The inch-thick, brilliant red pepper flakes on the pork links give them the perfect amount of heat. Conecuh sausage only needs to be cooked for a little period of time on the grill or stovetop since it is cut into precise rounds that maintain their size when rendered in a cast iron skillet.

Then, Alabama’s favorite sausage will add flavor to a pot of beans that is simmering, get scrambled with eggs, or just take center stage on a dinner dish. It can be “chunked” over hash-brown potato slivers that have been griddle-cooked, added to pizza, wrapped in a bun, or used in place of cracklings in a cornbread pan.

Evergreen, Alabama’s smoked sausage is revered by home cooks and restaurant chefs alike and is so well-known that it has its own Facebook fan group. In addition to being supplied nationwide through Amazon, Walmart, Sam’s Club, and Costco, it may also be found in grocers and markets throughout Alabama and its bordering states.

One of Alabama’s top culinary ambassadors is Conecuh Sausage. Use Conecuh sausage if you can, according to Atlanta chef and former “Top Chef” contestant Kevin Gillespie, while sharing his recipe for choncho snacks (pigs in a blanket) with publications like “Garden and Gun.”

David Webb, a Conecuh Sausage fanatic, has been throwing packages of the smoked links from a parade float during Mobile’s Mardi Gras for numerous years.

In his “Hot and Hot Fish Club Cookbook,” James Beard-winning chef Chris Hastings pays tribute with a recipe for Chicken and Conecuh Sausage Gumbo. The cassoulet, gumbo, and rice dishes like low-country purloo at Hot & Hot restaurant continue to feature the sausage on a regular basis.

It’s the only sausage we purchase, claims Hastings. “I like how it feels. The fat ratio is excellent; I adore it. It is adaptable. The flavor is excellently smoky. It is simply very delicious.”

Conecuh Sausage has been used in inventive ways by restaurants all around Alabama. It is combined with pimento cheese at Central Mesa in Tuscaloosa, and the mixture is then wrapped in dough to make empanadas. In Mobile and Bayou LaBatre, the Sugar Rush Donut Company even serves it between two half of a doughnut. The sausage can be found in a number of breakfast items at the Milo’s Hamburgers chain.

Since 1940, the Sessions family has produced sausage in Evergreen, Conecuh County’s county seat. Beginning in 1947 as a custom meat processing plant and cold storage locker, the company quickly gained notoriety for its hickory-smoked links made by Henry Sessions. Conecuh Sausage continues to use his original formula.

The business relocated to its current location at Interstate 65’s Exit 96 in 1986. In 2012, the plant was enlarged to accommodate the rising demand. Families traveling from the Yellowhammer State to Florida frequently pause at Conecuh Sausage’s gift shop. The Conecuh Sausage Festival has been honoring the product for almost 20 years.

Conecuh also makes spicier varieties in the “Cracked Black Pepper,” “Hot and Spicy,” and “Cajun” tastes, in addition to the “Original” variety. MSG, nitrates, and nitrites are not included in minimally processed “All Natural” food. The business also smokes hot dogs, bacon, turkey, and ham.

Unable to come up with recipes? Visit the Conecuh Sausage Fan Club page on Facebook to see the recipes. You won’t be left in the dark about the business itself either. On its website, you can find recipes for more than two dozen savory treats.

Is Raw Sausage Okay to Eat? (Answered!)

Many people wonder if sausage can be eaten raw because it comes in so many varieties, from raw to cured or smoked.

It can be challenging to choose whether to cook sausages from a package when you get them home.

While sausage that has been preserved by curing or smoking isn’t considered raw and is acceptable to eat directly out of the box, sausage prepared from raw meat often needs to be cooked first.

The distinction between sausages that must be cooked and sausages that don’t will be discussed in this article. Now let’s get into the specifics.

Does Conecuh sausage work for dogs?

possibly not Despite not being harmful, smoked sausage is not a suggested source of protein for your dog because it has an unhealthy amount of salt and fat. Additionally, smoked sausage could include ingredients hazardous to dogs, like onion or garlic powder. Regularly eating a lot of smoked sausage could cause your dog to develop mild to severe digestive problems, pancreatitis, kidney damage, or salt toxicity.

Conecuh sausage has been processed.

Conecuh Hickory Smoked Sausage is considered to have a high water footprint, a moderate carbon footprint, and low nutritional value.

Conecuh is what kind of sausage?

A family custom There are currently six different kinds of sausage available, including Cajun, Spicy & Hot, and All-Natural Hickory Smoked Sausage with no MSG or Added Nitrates, while the family’s original sausage recipe is still used today.

Why doesn’t Conecuh sausage exist?

The following claims were made by Conecuh Sausage company officials: “Supply of Conecuh is low due to high consumer demand, shortage of raw materials, and labor force.” The business saw resource problems, such as a lack of truck drivers and workers.

Is a cold sausage safe to eat?

Unless unless noted on the label, cooked or smoked sausages are suitable for cold consumption. These are made of one or more types of seasoned, smoked, or cooked ground or ground meats.

Why is Conecuh sausage unique?

In our small Alabama town of Evergreen, our family-run company first opened its doors. Despite our expansion over the past 70 years, we haven’t wavered in our dedication to making the best hickory smoked sausage. We continue to use only the best meats possible, season them with a proprietary blend of seasonings, then smoke them over a clean hickory fire. The end result is that distinctive Conecuh flavor that will draw you back repeatedly.

Our gift shop is open from Monday through Saturday from 7 AM to 5 PM. Sundays are a day off for us.

Our business hours are 7:30 AM to 4:45 PM Monday through Thursday and 7:30 AM to 3:45 PM on Friday.

At 200 Industrial Park, Evergreen, AL 36401, just off I-65 at Exit 96, near McDonald’s, you may find us.