Where To Buy Langdon Sausage?

Until you move to a different region of the nation and can’t obtain Langdon sausage, I’m not sure if you can truly understand how good the taste is. I traveled back to Indiana on Sunday after spending the previous week in North Dakota. It was enjoyable to explain it to the TSA employee.

I work as a butcher at the Danas in Bismarck, and we consistently sell out of Langdon sausage. I had to purchase some because I was new to the state and wanted to know what all the hoopla was about. In my 20 years working in the meat industry, the garlic sausage is some of the greatest I’ve ever eaten.

I purchased a 1/4 beef a few weeks back, and this last weekend I grilled some steaks from it. My favorite ribeyes, ever (yes plural, the first one was so good I had to eat the second one). best sausage as well.