Where To Buy Berkshire Pork Near Me?


It’s neither by chance or by convention that “The World’s Best Pork” has such a unique flavor. Our 100% Purebred Berkshire Kurobuta Pork is renowned for the meticulous attention it receives from farm to fork. It’s why we invest in small Midwest farms, hand-pick the most powerful heritage purebreds, and choose champion purebred genetics.

Berkshire Pork is prized for its sensitive bite, flavor, and juicy fats and fluids, and can be found in some of the world’s most exclusive restaurants.

Is it true that Berkshire pork is the best?

Berkshire pork is a delicacy that may be found on the menus of several renowned five-star restaurants, including Spago’s in Beverly Hills and Thomas Keller’s French Laundry. Kurobuta, which means “black pig” in Japanese, is a common nickname for Berkshire pork. The most sought-after pork in the world is Berkshire Pork. Berkshire pork has a distinct appearance and flavor. Berkshire pork, unlike commodity pork or “The Other White Meat,” has a distinct appearance. It has a darker, richer color and a lot of intramuscular marbling, making it look like prime beef. It has a particular flavor and exceptional pork softness.

What makes Berkshire pork so unique?!

Pork from the Berkshires is unique. It doesn’t look like the pork you’re used to. Modern lean hogs were developed to have extremely little fat as tastes evolved, which is why most pork is now more akin to chicken. Berkshire pork, on the other hand, is succulent and has a distinct pork flavor. Berkshire swine meat is slightly sweeter, redder, and studded with intramuscular fat, making it more soft and juicy than regular pork. This is pork cooked the way it should be. You’ll find it difficult to go back to that “other white meat” once you’ve tried Berkshire pork.

What is the price of a Berkshire pig?

A Berkshire piglet will set you back between $100 and $150. Expect to pay at least double this amount for a mature Berkshire hog.

It can be difficult to locate a seller of Berkshire pigs. Local farming societies or online resources are the greatest places to start.

When looking to acquire pigs, the American Berkshire Association offers a thorough website that would be a wonderful place to start.

What makes Berkshire pork different from normal pork?

Taste, flesh quality, softness, and fat are the key differences between ordinary and Berkshire pork. Pork is produced by American Landrace pigs rather than Japanese or English pigs.

Berkshire pork is far more juicy, delicious, and tender than pork from other breeds. The fundamental distinction between the two types of pigs is the vivid, narrow stripes of soft, white fat that distinguish Kurobuta pork. In the hog world, it’s known as Wagyu or Kobe beef for this reason.

Is Berkshire pork better for you?

Berkshire pigs have more unsaturated fat than conventionally produced pigs (as opposed to high levels of saturated fat) (classified as “meat-type pigs). Berkshire meat produces exceptional hams, charcuterie, and salamis, as well as our famous Pasture Prime farm cured bacon.

What is it about Berkshire pork chops that makes them so delicious?

There are various heritage hog breeds, such as the Duroc, Mangalitsa, and Red Wattle, but the Berkshire hog is currently stealing the spotlight (excuse the pun). That’s because it’s starting to pop up on menus all around the country.

Berkshire pork is just pork that tastes like pork. It’s a far cry from the insipid, lifeless chops found in store-bought shrink-wrapped packages, which come from pigs bred by industrial pork producers to have the least amount of fat and, as a result, the least amount of flavor. We think the entire fat problem is a semantics issue: the health-conscious refer to it as fat, while flavor aficionados refer to it as marbling. Whether you believe it’s a good thing that the modern-day pork chop has essentially transformed into a chicken breast from a different animal depends on your point of view.

But, back to the Berkshire pork. There’s no going back once you’ve tried it. Berkshire pork, also known as Kurobuta in Japan, is a 300-year-old breed that was originally discovered in Reading, England, by Oliver Cromwell’s soldiers. It has wonderful marbling and a considerable coating of back fat (which, by the way, is the secret to truly superb meatballs), and the meat is dripping with tasty juices. The greatest part of a bone-in pork chop comes at the very end, when no one is looking, of course. Pick up the bone and chew on it for a boost of pig taste.

Now that you’ve heard the pitch, you’re undoubtedly thinking, “Where can I get Berkshire pork?” If you’re lucky, there’s a Whole Foods or comparable luxury grocery nearby, or possibly a neighborhood butcher shop that sells it. Otherwise, going online is your best bet. Flying Pigs Farm, Snake River Farms, and Eden Farms are just a few of the purveyors that ship nationwide or have ties to an online distributor. Eden Farms also maintains a helpful national database of stores that sell Berkshire pigs. Be prepared to pay top dollar; bone-in pork chops from Flying Pigs Farm, for example, cost roughly $15 per pound as of this writing.

Last but not least, I have read Charlotte’s Web, in case you were wondering. I was all for the protagonist when I was eight years old. I’m still doing it. Wilbur, on the other hand, lived a very full life, something that most pigs of days don’t get to do. If E.B. White had had Berkshire pork, he might have changed the ending, much to the delight of children everywhere. Yes, I am well-versed in absolute wickedness.

Is the pork from Berkshire grass-fed?

Our Berkshire pigs eat on pasture in a rotation throughout the summer. They’re all devoid of antibiotics and hormones. Berkshire Pork has a deeper red flesh and a richer flavor than regular pork. You are missing out if you haven’t tried Berkshire Pork. Berkshire pork is commonly regarded as the gold standard in the industry. Tenderness, marbling, juiciness, and rich full flavor are all hallmarks of Berkshire pork.

Our cattle are completely grass-fed. The American Grassfed Association has certified us, and they do yearly audits to ensure that we are following their strict grass fed guidelines. On our farm, we don’t use antibiotics or hormones, and we don’t use glycophosphates.

The Berkshire Pork and Grass Fed Beef bundle includes the following items:

1 pound grass-fed Sirloin Steak or New York Strip Steak ( 2 steaks per package )

Do Berkshire pigs provide high-quality bacon?

Bacon is always a personal favorite, at least for me. You should raise a pig that will provide you more of your favorite cuts, bacon being at the top of the list, since you are raising your own pork.

There are plenty of pigs to choose from. Which pig breed can you grow to produce the greatest bacon?

A commercial meat breed (Berkshire, Duroc, Hampshire, Poland China, Spot, or Yorkshire) or a cross of these breeds is the finest breed for bacon. Tamworth is a rare breed that produces excellent bacon. These are full-grown pigs that will gain some weight, but not excessively.

To get the best bacon, start with strong genetics and then take care of the pigs by feeding and caring for them in a way that keeps them happy and healthy. The best bacon comes from good animal husbandry (how you care for your pigs).

How Do You Know If Your Pig Is Butcher-Ready? will show you how to tell if your pigs are completed by looking at them (have enough fat).