Can You Buy Ham Gravy In A Jar? The Ultimate Guide

Are you tired of making homemade ham gravy from scratch every time you roast a ham?

Have you ever wondered if there’s an easier way to enjoy the delicious flavor of ham gravy without all the hassle?

Well, you’re in luck because we’re here to answer the age-old question: Can You Buy Ham Gravy In A Jar?

In this article, we’ll explore the options available for those who want to skip the homemade route and go straight for the convenience of a jar.

We’ll also discuss the pros and cons of using store-bought ham gravy versus making it from scratch.

So, sit back, relax, and let’s dive into the world of ham gravy!

Can You Buy Ham Gravy In A Jar?

The short answer is yes, you can buy ham gravy in a jar. Many grocery stores carry a variety of pre-made gravies, including ham gravy. These jars are typically found in the same aisle as canned soups and broths.

However, it’s important to note that the quality and taste of store-bought ham gravy may not be up to par with homemade gravy. Many pre-made gravies contain preservatives and artificial flavors, which can affect the overall taste and texture of the gravy.

Additionally, store-bought ham gravy may not be as customizable as homemade gravy. When making your own gravy, you have the freedom to adjust the flavor and consistency to your liking. With pre-made gravy, you’re limited to the ingredients and flavor profile already in the jar.

The Convenience Of Store-Bought Ham Gravy

One of the main advantages of buying pre-made ham gravy is convenience. It saves time and effort, especially for those who don’t have the time or desire to make homemade gravy from scratch. All you have to do is open the jar, heat it up, and it’s ready to serve.

Store-bought ham gravy can also be a lifesaver in situations where you don’t have access to ham drippings or don’t have the ingredients on hand to make your own gravy. It’s a quick and easy solution that can still add flavor and moisture to your meal.

Another benefit of store-bought ham gravy is consistency. You can expect the same taste and texture every time you buy a jar, which can be helpful for those who are picky about their gravy or need to serve a large group of people.

Brands That Offer Ham Gravy In A Jar

If you’re looking for a specific brand of ham gravy in a jar, Gerber 2nd Foods offers a baby food version of ham and ham gravy. This option is packed with protein and zinc, making it a nutritious choice for little ones. However, it’s important to note that this product is intended for babies and may not have the same taste or consistency as traditional ham gravy.

Another brand that offers ham gravy in a jar is Trader Joe’s. Their Ready-to-Use Turkey Gravy has a unique twist, combining the flavors of Thanksgiving stuffing and chicken noodle soup. The gravy is creamy and flavorful, thanks to the use of turkey fat as the base and spices like onion powder and potato flakes for thickening. It’s important to note that this gravy is not specifically marketed as ham gravy, but could be a tasty option for those looking for a unique twist on traditional gravy.

Comparing The Taste Of Homemade Vs. Store-Bought Ham Gravy

When it comes to taste, there is a noticeable difference between homemade and store-bought ham gravy. Store-bought ham gravy tends to have a more processed taste, with artificial flavors and preservatives that can affect the overall taste of the gravy. On the other hand, homemade ham gravy has a richer and more complex flavor profile.

One major difference between homemade and store-bought ham gravy is the level of saltiness. Store-bought gravies tend to be high in sodium, which can overpower the natural flavor of the ham. Homemade gravies, on the other hand, allow for better control over the level of saltiness, resulting in a more balanced and nuanced taste.

Another factor that affects the taste of ham gravy is the type of broth used. While store-bought broth can be convenient, it may not have the same depth of flavor as homemade broth. Using homemade broth can add a layer of richness and complexity to the gravy that is hard to replicate with store-bought broth.

How To Use Ham Gravy In Your Cooking

If you’ve decided to use pre-made ham gravy in your cooking, there are a variety of ways to incorporate it into your dishes. Here are a few ideas:

1. Serve over ham: The most obvious way to use ham gravy is to pour it over your cooked ham. This will add an extra layer of flavor to your ham and make it even more delicious.

2. Use as a dip: Ham gravy can also be used as a dip for other foods, such as biscuits or roasted vegetables. Simply warm up the gravy and serve it alongside your favorite dipping foods.

3. Add to casseroles: Ham gravy can be a great addition to casseroles, such as scalloped potatoes or green bean casserole. Just mix the gravy in with the other ingredients before baking.

4. Use as a sauce: Ham gravy can also be used as a sauce for pasta dishes or even on top of burgers. Just heat up the gravy and pour it over your dish before serving.

5. Make a breakfast sandwich: Spread some ham gravy on a biscuit or English muffin and add a fried egg and some bacon for a delicious breakfast sandwich.

No matter how you choose to use ham gravy in your cooking, it’s sure to add some extra flavor and depth to your dishes.

Tips For Enhancing The Flavor Of Store-Bought Ham Gravy

If you do decide to use store-bought ham gravy, there are several ways to enhance its flavor and make it taste more like homemade gravy. One easy way to add depth and complexity to the gravy is by adding the drippings from the ham while heating the gravy. This will help give the store-bought gravy a meatier flavor and a richer texture.

Another way to boost the flavor of store-bought ham gravy is by simmering it over low heat with fresh herbs such as thyme, sage, parsley, or bay leaf. This will infuse the gravy with the aromatic flavors of the herbs and make it taste more homemade.

If your store-bought ham gravy is too salty, you can try whisking in a dairy product such as cream, half-and-half, or crème fraiche. This will help offset the saltiness and add a creamy texture to the gravy. You can also dilute the gravy with unsalted liquid stock or broth to reduce its saltiness.

For those who enjoy wine or beer, adding a splash of dry white wine or beer can brighten up the flavor of lighter ham gravies, while red wine can add complexity to beef and pork gravies. If you’re not a fan of wine or beer, you can try using apple cider vinegar or apple cider instead.

Making Ham Gravy From Scratch: A Step-by-Step Guide

If you’re looking to make ham gravy from scratch, it’s actually quite simple. Here’s a step-by-step guide:

1. Gather your ham drippings: Start by gathering the drippings from the ham you’ve cooked. If you don’t have enough drippings, you can use store-bought ham bouillon dissolved in water.

2. Make a roux: In a saucepan, melt butter and sprinkle flour over it. Whisk the roux together until it’s smooth. Let that cook, while whisking constantly, until the roux is golden.

3. Add ham drippings: Slowly pour in the ham drippings while continuing to whisk constantly. Be sure to pour it in slowly and fully whisk the liquid in before you add more, otherwise you’ll end up with lumpy gravy.

4. Add half-and-half: Once there are no lumps, stir in the half-and-half.

5. Simmer and thicken: Let the gravy simmer until it has thickened to your desired consistency.

6. Serve: Once the gravy has thickened, transfer it to a gravy boat and serve.

Remember that the main flavoring for the gravy comes directly from the ham itself, so if you’ve glazed your ham, that flavor will be incorporated into your homemade gravy. Adjust the seasoning to your liking and enjoy!