Does Christian Still Work For Sausage? A Detailed Guide

Are you a fan of tattoo reality shows? If so, you may have heard of the drama between two former colleagues.

One made it to the final three on the show, but apparently had some bad blood with another contestant who was also his boss at a tattoo shop. The tension between them was palpable on screen, and it left viewers wondering: does the former employee still work for his former boss?

In this article, we’ll explore the situation and try to uncover the truth. So sit back, relax, and let’s dive into the world of tattoo reality TV drama.

Does Christian Still Work For Sausage?

After some research, it appears that the former employee in question no longer works for his former boss. While there is no official statement or confirmation from either party, it seems that the former employee has moved on to start his own tattoo shop.

This may come as a surprise to fans who followed the drama on the show, as the two were once colleagues and seemed to have a friendly relationship at first. However, tensions rose as the competition intensified and alliances were formed.

It’s unclear what exactly caused the rift between the two, but it’s possible that personal differences and creative disagreements played a role. Whatever the reason may be, it’s clear that the former employee has chosen to pursue his own path in the tattoo industry.

The Backstory: How The Tension Between Christian And His Boss Started

According to online discussions and Instagram activity, it seems that Christian and his former boss, Sausage, had a falling out during the filming of Ink Master season 7. While they were initially friendly and even formed an alliance, tensions began to rise as the competition progressed.

In one episode, tensions boiled over during a challenge involving James Vaughn. It’s unclear what specifically caused the rift between Christian and Sausage, but it’s possible that their creative differences and personal disagreements played a role.

Interestingly, it seems that Sausage may have rubbed more than just Christian the wrong way. While Christian follows fellow contestant Matti and Matti follows both Christian and Sausage on Instagram, Sausage follows both Christian and Cleen but neither of them follow him back.

Despite their past working relationship, it appears that Christian has moved on to start his own tattoo shop. While there is no official statement from either party regarding their falling out or current relationship status, it’s clear that they are no longer working together.

The Fallout: What Happened After The Show Ended

After the show ended, it seems that the relationship between the former employee and his former boss continued to deteriorate. While there is no public statement or confirmation, it’s been noted that the former employee no longer follows his former boss on social media, and vice versa.

Fans have speculated that this may be a result of the tension and drama that played out on the show, as well as potential creative differences in their tattooing styles. However, it’s also possible that personal issues outside of the show may have contributed to the fallout.

Regardless of the cause, it seems that the former employee has successfully moved on to start his own tattoo shop and build his own brand. He has gained a following on social media and continues to showcase his unique tattooing style.

As for his former boss, he continues to run his own successful tattoo shop and has also gained a following on social media. While the two may no longer work together or be on friendly terms, they both continue to thrive in their respective careers.

The Current Situation: Does Christian Still Work For His Former Boss?

In a completely unrelated situation, Christian Eriksen, a professional football player, has recently made a return to the Premier League after surviving a cardiac arrest episode six months ago. He has signed with Brentford, and while he is fit thanks to his individual training in the last few months, he still needs to be worked up to match fitness before he can make his debut for the club. Brentford boss Thomas Frank is excited to work with Christian again, noting his ability to dictate games of football and bring experience of top-level football to the club. However, there is no indication that Christian still works for his former boss in any capacity.

The Impact: How The Drama Affected Their Careers And Reputations

The drama between the former employee and his former boss has undoubtedly had an impact on both of their careers and reputations. For the former employee, leaving the show and starting his own tattoo shop may have been a positive move for his career. It shows that he is capable of branching out on his own and pursuing his own goals, rather than being tied down to one employer.

However, it’s possible that the drama surrounding his departure from the show could have negatively affected his reputation in the industry. Potential clients may be hesitant to work with someone who has been involved in public drama and controversy.

As for the former boss, the drama may have had a negative impact on his reputation as well. Depending on how he handled the situation, he may have come across as unprofessional or difficult to work with. This could potentially harm his relationships with other industry professionals and make it harder for him to find talented employees in the future.

Lessons Learned: What We Can Take Away From This Situation.

The situation between Christian and Sausage serves as a reminder that relationships, whether personal or professional, can be complex and unpredictable. Even seemingly close friendships can be strained under pressure, such as in a competitive environment like a reality TV show.

Additionally, the situation highlights the importance of following your own path and pursuing your own goals, even if it means parting ways with someone you once worked closely with. It’s important to prioritize your own growth and success, rather than being held back by loyalty to others.

Finally, the situation also serves as a reminder that social media activity can sometimes reveal underlying tensions or changes in relationships. While it’s not always a reliable indicator, it’s worth paying attention to who follows whom and any patterns of activity that may suggest changes in dynamics.