What Brand Of Sausage Does Cracker Barrel Use? The Key Facts

If you’re a fan of Cracker Barrel’s all-day breakfast menu, you may have noticed a new addition to their protein options: plant-based sausage made by Impossible Foods.

This move has caused quite a stir among customers, with some embracing the change and others vehemently opposed. But amidst all the controversy, one question remains: what brand of sausage did Cracker Barrel use before adding the Impossible option?

In this article, we’ll explore the history of Cracker Barrel’s breakfast menu and take a closer look at their sausage offerings.

What Brand Of Sausage Does Cracker Barrel Use?

Before the addition of Impossible’s plant-based sausage, Cracker Barrel used a variety of brands for their meat-based sausage options. According to their website, they offered both pork and turkey sausage options, but did not specify which brands they used.

It’s worth noting that Cracker Barrel is known for its Southern-style cuisine, which often includes meat-heavy dishes. So it’s not surprising that their previous sausage options were likely traditional meat-based brands.

The Evolution Of Cracker Barrel’s Breakfast Menu

Cracker Barrel has been constantly evolving its breakfast menu to cater to the changing tastes and preferences of its guests. In 2012, the restaurant introduced the sweet potato pancake breakfast for National Sweet Potato Month, which quickly became a fan favorite. However, the item was later discontinued, leaving fans disappointed and asking for its return.

More recently, Cracker Barrel has added a Build Your Own Homestyle Breakfast option to its all-day breakfast menu, allowing guests to customize their breakfast with a choice of meat and homestyle side. The restaurant also introduced its first plant-based protein with the Impossible Sausage Made From Plants, catering to guests looking for a nutritious and meat-free option.

In addition to these new additions, Cracker Barrel also offers premium meat and side upgrades, including Spicy Chicken Sausage and Loaded Hashbrown Casserole. The restaurant’s top-selling item is the hashbrown casserole, which can be ordered as an entree or a side. On its Wholesome Fixin’s menu, the Good Morning Breakfast is the most popular meal, featuring egg whites, turkey sausage, grilled tomatoes, grits, and fresh fruit.

Cracker Barrel’s Stuffed Cheesecake Pancake Breakfast is another recent addition to the menu, featuring a homestyle buttermilk pancake stuffed with cheesecake filling and topped with seasonal fruit, powdered sugar, and strawberry syrup. The dish comes with two eggs and a choice of bacon or sausage.

The Previous Sausage Brand Used By Cracker Barrel

While Cracker Barrel did not disclose the specific brands of sausage they used before adding Impossible’s plant-based option, it’s safe to assume they were traditional meat-based brands. The restaurant chain offers both pork and turkey sausage options on their menu, which are typically staples in Southern-style cuisine.

It’s possible that Cracker Barrel sourced their sausage from local or regional suppliers, as many restaurants prefer to use locally sourced ingredients for their dishes. However, without any official information from the company, it’s difficult to determine the exact brand or origin of their previous sausage options.

Regardless of the brand, it’s clear that Cracker Barrel has now recognized the growing demand for plant-based options and has added Impossible’s sausage to their menu. This move not only caters to vegetarians and vegans but also appeals to meat-eaters who are looking for healthier and more sustainable alternatives to traditional meat-based dishes.

Customer Reactions To The Introduction Of Impossible Sausage

After Cracker Barrel announced the addition of Impossible’s plant-based sausage to their menu, there was a mixed reaction from customers. While some were happy about the new option, others were not pleased.

Many negative comments centered around the belief that Cracker Barrel should stick to traditional meat-based options. Some customers expressed disappointment and even anger towards the chain for offering a meat alternative, with one person stating that they “just lost respect for a once great Tennessee company.” Others were skeptical about the taste of the new plant-based sausage.

However, there were also positive reactions from customers who appreciated the new option. Some praised Cracker Barrel for offering a meatless alternative, with one person stating that they “couldn’t even tell the difference” between the Impossible sausage and traditional meat-based options. Others mentioned that they were happy to have a plant-based option available.

Despite the mixed reactions, it’s clear that Cracker Barrel is trying to cater to a wider range of customers by offering a plant-based protein option. As more and more consumers seek out plant-based alternatives, it’s likely that other chains will follow in Cracker Barrel’s footsteps by adding meatless options to their menus.

The Benefits And Drawbacks Of Plant-Based Protein Options

The addition of Impossible’s plant-based sausage to Cracker Barrel’s menu is a response to the growing demand for plant-based protein options. While some customers are excited about this new addition, others are skeptical and even hostile towards it. So what are the benefits and drawbacks of plant-based protein options?

One clear benefit is that plant-based proteins are generally lower in saturated fat and calories than their meat-based counterparts. This can make them a healthier option, especially for those looking to reduce their intake of animal products. Plant-based proteins also tend to be more environmentally sustainable, as they require less water and land to produce than meat.

However, there are also some drawbacks to consider. One is that plant-based proteins may not always be as satisfying or filling as meat-based proteins. This can be a concern for those who rely on protein for satiety or energy. Additionally, some people may find the taste and texture of plant-based proteins to be less appealing than meat.

Another consideration is that some plant-based protein options, like Impossible’s sausage, are highly processed and may contain additives or preservatives. While these ingredients are generally recognized as safe by regulatory agencies, some people prefer to avoid them.

The Future Of Cracker Barrel’s Breakfast Menu And Sausage Offerings

With the recent addition of Impossible Sausage Made From Plants to its menu, Cracker Barrel is showing that it’s willing to adapt to changing consumer preferences. The company’s expansion of its Build Your Own Homestyle Breakfast format, which allows customers to customize their breakfast experience, is another example of this willingness to provide choices that satisfy every taste bud.

It’s likely that Cracker Barrel will continue to explore plant-based options for its menu, given the growing trend towards alternative meats. Major chains like Dunkin’ and Burger King have already added plant-based options to their menus, and it’s clear that consumers are increasingly seeking out these choices.

However, it’s also important to note that meat-based options will likely remain a staple of Cracker Barrel’s menu. The chain is known for its Southern-style cuisine, which often includes meat-heavy dishes. As such, it’s likely that traditional meat-based sausage brands will continue to be a part of the company’s offerings.