Who Owns Owens Sausage? The Key Facts

If you’ve ever wandered down the freezer aisle of your local grocery store, you may have come across Owens Country Sausage.

But have you ever wondered who owns this beloved brand?

The answer may surprise you.

Owens Sausage has a long and storied history, starting with its founder’s purchase of farmland in Richardson, Texas in the early 1960s.

Today, the farm is home to a petting zoo and museum, but it has recently changed hands and its future is uncertain.

Join us as we explore the history of Owens Sausage and its current ownership.

Who Owns Owens Sausage?

Owens Sausage was founded by a family of sausage makers in Richardson, Texas in 1928. The family purchased farmland along Spring Creek in the early 1960s, where they opened a show farm, petting zoo, and museum.

In 1987, the Owens brand was purchased by Ohio-based Bob Evans Farms. However, in 2013, the Richardson plant and farm were closed by Bob Evans Farms.

The property was recently purchased by Carrollton-based Standridge Cos., who are now exploring development options for the almost 27-acre site.

While the future of the Owens Spring Creek Farm is uncertain, its legacy lives on through the beloved Owens Country Sausage brand.

The Founding Of Owens Sausage

Owens Sausage was founded in 1928 by Clifford Owens, who inherited a secret family recipe for sausage-making. Initially, Owens produced sausage products in his farmhouse kitchen and sold them to family and friends. As demand grew, Owens and his four brothers moved sausage production to the family’s barn.

In 1947, the family opened a new sausage-making plant in Richardson, Texas, which allowed them to expand their distribution beyond their local community. By 1955, Owens Country Sausage (OCS) had grown to include a sales branch in Tyler, Texas, and 12 delivery trucks. More branches followed in Houston and San Antonio.

In 1963, a new production plant opened at Spring Creek Farm, near the original family farm. This replaced the downtown Richardson plant and became the new company headquarters. It was also the year that Owens Sausage was first sold outside of Texas, in Shreveport, Louisiana.

The famous Owens eight-horse Belgian hitch made its debut in 1963 as well. The horse team helped generate awareness of the company and was used in area parades and events. By the mid-1970s, Owens had become one of the nation’s leading regional sausage producers.

Jerry Owens, former chairman of the board, started in the family business at age 5, cutting strings for the sausage sacks. Jerry Owens took over as president of the company in 1973. In 1978, Owens opened the Spring Creek Farm Museum in celebration of its 50th anniversary. The museum was created to preserve the company’s farm heritage through depicting scenes of a typical 1920s country life.

Owens Sausage continued to grow and expand its product line throughout the years. In 1984, the company was acquired by Bob Evans Farms Inc., a successful and growing family-owned business based in Columbus, Ohio. Today, Owens products are distributed in 10 states throughout the Southwest.

Despite changes in ownership and production facilities over the years, Owens Country Sausage remains a beloved brand that is synonymous with quality and tradition.

Growing Popularity And Expansion

Throughout its history, Owens Country Sausage has experienced significant growth and expansion. The company’s popularity grew not only through the introduction of new products but also through strategic acquisitions.

In 1984, the Jimmy Dean Meat Co. was acquired by Sara Lee Corp., which also owned other smaller sausage companies. Three years later, in 1987, Bob Evans Farms Inc. of Columbus, Ohio, acquired Owens Country Sausage in a stock transaction worth nearly $16 million. Prior to the acquisition, Owens was a privately held company.

Under the ownership of Bob Evans Farms, the Owens brand continued to grow and expand. The acquisition allowed Bob Evans Farms to diversify its product line and expand its presence in the sausage market.

The success of Owens Country Sausage can be attributed to its commitment to quality and tradition. The company’s products are made with only the finest ingredients and are seasoned with a unique blend of spices that have been passed down through generations of sausage makers.

Today, Owens Country Sausage is a beloved brand that is enjoyed by millions of people across the country. Its legacy of quality and tradition continues to be upheld by Bob Evans Farms, ensuring that the brand will remain a staple in kitchens for years to come.

Changes In Ownership

Over the years, Owens Sausage has undergone several changes in ownership. In 1987, the company was acquired by Bob Evans Farms, an American chain of restaurants based in Ohio. Bob Evans Farms made several major acquisitions, including Owens Country Sausage. The acquisition allowed Bob Evans to establish a separate food division to handle the sale of its products in other markets. However, in 2017, Bob Evans Farms split with the sale of its restaurant division to an affiliate of Golden Gate Capital. BEF Foods, which included the Owens Country Sausage brand, remained independently owned until September 2017 when it was sold to Post Holdings. Today, the Owens Country Sausage brand is still beloved by many and continues to be sold in retail grocery and food service markets independent of the restaurant division.

The Future Of Owens Sausage

Despite the closure of the Spring Creek Farm and Richardson plant, Owens Sausage continues to thrive under the ownership of Bob Evans Farms. The brand’s product line is now distributed in 10 states throughout the southwest, and in 2003, Owens opened a state-of-the-art plant in Sulfur Springs, Texas, which is solely dedicated to the production of breakfast sandwiches.

With a focus on innovation and quality, Owens Sausage has remained a strong player in the regional sausage market. The company’s commitment to its heritage and family values has earned it a loyal following among consumers.

Looking ahead, the future of Owens Sausage remains bright. The company’s partnership with Bob Evans Farms provides it with a strong foundation for continued growth and expansion, while its dedication to producing high-quality products ensures that it will remain a beloved brand for years to come.

The Impact Of Owens Sausage On The Industry

Owens Sausage has had a significant impact on the sausage industry since its founding in 1928. The company’s commitment to quality and tradition has made it a beloved brand among customers in Texas and beyond.

Under the leadership of the Owens family, the company became known for its innovative sausage recipes and dedication to using only the highest-quality ingredients. This commitment to excellence helped Owens Sausage become a leading producer of sausages, salads, soups, tacos, and other meat specialties.

When Bob Evans Farms acquired Owens Sausage in 1987, it was a testament to the company’s reputation for quality and innovation. The acquisition allowed Owens Sausage to expand its reach beyond Texas and become a national brand.

Despite the closure of the Richardson plant and farm in 2013, Owens Country Sausage remains a beloved brand among sausage lovers. The legacy of the Owens family lives on through their commitment to quality and tradition, which continues to inspire sausage makers across the industry.